The second COVID-19 aid package faces a standstill as Republicans and Democrats are unable to agree on its size and specifics.

Stimulus Proposal

Previously this week, Senate Republicans began circulating a new and remarkably curtailing stimulus proposal which makes no remark of the second series of direct stimulus payments and diminishes extra unemployment benefits (which expired at the end of July) between $600 and $300 per week.

The stimulus check 2 plan discussion is currently stalled notwithstanding lawmakers raising support for the second series of $1,200 direct payments. The stimulus check 2 date is stalled with the Senate in recess until September. reported Tom's Guide.

There were high expectations for a hasty resolution to the next stimulus bill when the Senate gathered again to session from their summer break. Leadership in both the Republican Senate and Democrat House were wont to strike a deal to bring adequate financial relief to Americans, reported Forbes.

Direct Payments

Republicans and Democrats do agree on one idea: There should be more direct payments this 2020. Both parties hope that a new COVID-19 stimulus relief bill or at least a scaled-down package to include a second stimulus check will pass soon.

If a final novel coronavirus relief bill passes, a United States citizen could receive their payment more quickly than they did in the first round.

To vote on a rescue bill for the US Post Office, the Democratic-led House of Representatives will return to Capitol Hill on Saturday, reported CNET.

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According to United States President Donald Trump, Democrats are the reason US citizens have not yet received a 2nd direct payment from the government. Republicans blame Democrats and as one may perceive, Democrats accuse Republicans.

Americans wanting to rely on emergency coronavirus aid and a second $1,200 check from the White House might have to wait until fall.

As discussions over the new COVID-19 relief package have halted, the White House and congressional leaders have far views on the scope, size, and approach for reopening schools, shoring up households, and establishing a national strategy to contain the virus.

Rescue Bill

As the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will return to Capitol Hill on Saturday to vote on a rescue bill for the United States Post Office (USPS), Republicans have been teasing their own scaled-down COVID-19 relief package. This leaves people wondering what would transpire with the halted discussions and if another stimulus check would still be part of a new law.

According to a GOP senator, the slimmed-down COVID-19 relief package being prepared by Senate Republican leaders of an estimated $500 billion will include extended payments for smaller businesses and unemployed people. This measure will also involve $10 billion for the embattled US Postal Service, stated one top GOP aide.

The new proposal's purpose is to stabilize the ongoing reopening of the economy by shielding businesses from COVID-19-related lawsuits while providing funds for testing of schools and government spending. The aforementioned $500 billion package is well below the $3 trillion HEROES Act proposed by Democrats and an estimated half of the $1 trillion HEALS Act Republican proposal in July.

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