If you are thinking about getting involved in boxing or other mixed martial arts don't forget about your gear. Even if you have been training for years, the latest innovations and tech have enhanced gear to provide more support and protection than ever before. In this article, I will be offering you my top pro tips to get you going from the toe - up!

Let's get started.

Pro Tip #1: Feet First

When it comes to any sport the right shoe matter. A cyclist needs, runner, and footballer have shoe requirements for performance and safety and so do fighters. Boxing training shoes are no different.

When it comes to boxing training shoes you will want to consider the following things:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Weight
  3. Material
  4. Support
  5. Comfort

Each of these will have a huge impact on your performance. Some top picks that have it all are the Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe and Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes. Ideally, your trainers should feel light-weight and allow you to enhance your footwork. Breathability is also important so you can choose a trainer with mesh.

Think outside of the box or boxing ring that is and check out a pair of wrestling shoes like the Adidas Men's Combat Speed 5. These shoes pull on like a sock so it is easy and snug. A recommended pick for a beginner to get used to the ring.

Pro Tip #2: The Gloves

Now that your feet are covered (literally) let's tale care of your hands. A great pair of boxing gloves should be worn while sparring wth a bag or partner. Protecting your hand is essential for safety and increased performance.

Companies like Venum offer a great selection of boxing gear especially gloves. Keep in mind that for boxing you are looking for gloves made for heavy-hitting. Unlike various gloves for different martial arts where the gloves maybe for protection and taps as opposed to knockouts0

Hybrid leather or synthetic leather are good materials to consider as they are durable and maintain their build over time. Also, look for extra padding to protect your hands and let you work on increasing strength against the bag.

Pro Tip #3: The Right Clothes

Each sport has their outfit that not only should look good but more importantly fit right and not interfere with the sport. Some gear comes with protective padding like football equipment while others like boxing require the right boxing trunks.

A great pair of boxing trunks should have the right fit, length, material, and breathability. US Combat Sports holds the Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks as a good choice. These offer a nice fit thanks to the elastic waistband for easy on and off. They are tear-resistant and lightweight. Make sure you check the size you pick closely as the elastic will stretch to fit your body.

Take Away

If you are looking to get started in the exciting world of boxing make a quick stop to pick up the right gear. Check out all the recommended boxing equipment over at US Combat Sports.

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