Three people have died after a passenger train derailed in Aberdeenshire, located in northeast Scotland. The derailment of the train was caused by heavy rain and a landslip in the area.

Heavy rain in Scotland

British Transport Police stated that despite the best efforts of paramedics they confirmed that three people have been pronounced dead at the scene.

The statement confirmed that the driver of the train was among the casualties, though the British Transport Police did not identify the person.

The second person who died is said to have been the train conductor. The formal identification has not begun yet but the family has been informed and is being supported by specially trained officers.

Six more people have been taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries. All of the people who were on the train are now being accounted for.

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Footage from the scene showed multiple ambulances, a number of police cars, and an air ambulance at the site as smoke was seen from the background.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expressed her grief and gave her deepest condolences to the families of the victims on her Twitter account. She tweeted after the authorities confirmed that three people died in the tragic incident. She also thanked all the first responders and the emergency services.

The report warned of landslips

A report was posted on July 14 and it revealed that Network Rail, the public body which manages the UK rail network, was warned about the dangers of landslips a month before the train derailment.

The yearly report was published by the Office of Rail and Road or ORR, and the report highlighted the risks posed by landslips and the need for more robust plans to tackle extreme weather conditions.

A formal investigation has been launched to know the cause of the incident. Rail industry sources told the PA news agency that the suspected cause was a landslip, caused by heavy rain on that day.

According to the industry sources of PA, the train's locomotive and the three carriages were derailed and it slid down an embankment. When asked if a landslip was to blame for the incident on August 12, British Transport Police told BBC to interview the UK government's Rail Accident Investigation Branch or RAIB for that matter.

The spokesperson of the Department of Transport, who is handling RAIB press inquiries, told BBC that there is an ongoing investigation and there is no further detail yet.

Network Rail tweeted a video on August 12 before the incident was reported, and it showed a landslip on the rail lines in the area. British Transport Police Chief inspector Brian McAleese said during a press conference that all passengers of the train have been accounted for based form CCTV inquiries and witness statements.

McAleese also gave his condolences to the families and friends of the three victims who passed away. He added that as soon as the area has been made safe then a fill and thorough search will be conducted, which will take some time.

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