A Moorhead man was accused of killing and dismembering a woman who was seen with him before her disappearance.

The body of the missing is not yet found, but the 27-year-old suspected murderer got charges levied against him. Police suspect that the corpse was violated. According to authorities, he may have dismembered the body of the 19-year-old woman, who has been gone for two weeks without a trace.

According to authorities, Ethan M. Broad of Moorhead was charged by the Clay County District Court in the second instance of unintentional murder. He killed the victim identified as Dystynee Avery, who used to reside in Colorado and moved to Moorhead where she met her untimely demise, reported Star Trubune.

There were enough signs that the investigation was done because foul play was committed by the accused. Avery's killing was not a mistake, but deliberate, said Police Capt. Deric Swenson.

Avery was last seen alive on April 3 in South Moorhead where the investigators have been following leads. Most of the focus is the location that is close to the accused apartment found in 1300 block of S. 28th Avenue, based on the initial evidence said the Police Captain, noted Popular Crime.

Broad got apprehended on a Friday when the police had their warrant. Immediately, he was arraigned in court on Monday and is still behind bars. No response was received from his lawyer who did not comment anything to the press.

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The suspected murderer speaks how he killed the victim

Broad was interviewed by the investigators after a missing person report was filed. He admitted to chopping Avery into body parts in his garage. When he had the corpse all cut to parts, all the bits and pieces were placed in bags and thrown like trash into different bins at the apartment. It was noted that self-defense was claimed by the accused in the criminal complaint. No motive was clearly stated why the victim was mutilated and dismembered in such a gruesome manner, confirmed KVRR.

Based on the statements of the confessed killer, a sweep of the garage and all the contents revealed the grisly proof. Traces and bits of the human flesh from the butchering of the corpse was undeniable. A blue tote bag was found with the victim's blood inside. Video captures saw Broad pulling a blue bin from the apartment building towards the garages, according to court documents. The apartment was cleaned of all blood traces to leave no evidence of the murder.

According to Doreen Avery, mother of the victim, he must have killed her in an argument, describing Broad as a good friend and he must have had feelings for the victim. She also mentioned that she had kept in touch, even on the day she disappeared. Doreen said that she never suspected he could kill her like that. Lastly, the victim moved to Moorhead to stay with her boyfriend there.

One station with KVLY-TV in Fargo conducted an interview with Mrs. Avery who commented that the suspected killer will not say the exact location of the body parts. But she knows her daughter is dead.

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