Former Vice President and now Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has announced that his vice presidential running mate for the 2020 election is California Sen. Kamala Harris. Harris is now the first Black woman and first Asian American person on a major party's presidential ticket.

First Black Woman as Vice President

Harris was Biden's opponent for the presidential nomination. She now brings the political prowess of winning a statewide election in California, which is the largest state in America, while also personifying the diversity that Democratic activists have said is important to building enthusiasm for the ticket.

Biden said the announced through his personal Twitter account, calling Harris a fearless fighter for "the little guy" and one of the country's finest public servants.

Despite the nationwide protest for racial justice and reform of policing, Harris was the attorney general in California for five years and as a prosecutor in San Francisco. In the Senate, Harris cemented her reputation as a debater and questioner of administration officials, including Attorney General William Barr.

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However, during a Democratic debate in June 2019, when Harris was still running for president, she challenged Biden over his remarks about segregation in the United States, stating that she was part of the second class to integrate her school as a child after the mandatory school busing, forcing Biden to apologize.

Harris announced that she ended her presidential bid in December 2019. That was when Biden said that he was considering Harris as a running mate, as reported by CNN.

Biden said shortly after Harris dropped out of the primary that the senator has the capacity to be anything she wants to be and that she is solid. Biden even stated that Harris can be the president someday.

Change of tune

At a news conference on July 28, Biden held a notecard about Harris, calling her talented and a great help to the campaign after reports of friction between them. Over the past few months, Harris has been vocal about her support for Biden.

In July, Harris participated in the virtual roundtable with North Carolina officials discussing the economic recovery proposal of Biden to help caregivers and with Minnesota officials discussing about Biden's infrastructure plans. Harris then joined Biden's wife, Jill, back in June to discuss healthcare with Wisconsin officials.

In March, Harris officially endorsed Biden before Super Tuesday, when Biden won 10 out of the 14 contests. Harris stated in a video that she has decided that she is going to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States and that she believes in him and have known him for years.

Since Harris dropped out of the primary, Biden did not dismiss the talks about Harris being his vice president. He told Harris at a virtual fundraiser in April that he is lucky to have her as a part of the partnership, telling Harris that by working together they can make a great deal of progress.

According to a report from Politico, back in May, Harris became an early favorite among Biden aides, surrogates, and top donors. South Carolina Democrat Bakari Sellers stated that Harris deserves to be chosen, revealed that a lot of people are pushing for Harris and that she has a lot of support.

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