Numerous national and battleground state polls recently shared that former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in the presidential race just 100 days before the 2020 presidential election.

After conducting their national survey in mid-July, YouGov, Ipsos, and Morning Consult polls released their results wherein unanimously Biden leads Trump by at least 7 points. Over the last couple of months, Biden also gained ground in swing states and he continuously holding that lead with less than four months before the election day on the 3rd of November, Newsweek reported.

Nearly four years ago, the 2016 democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, lost every key swing state to Trump which includes, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Michigan. Aside from the states of North Carolina and Arizona, the other four swing states flipped in favor of Trump after previously leaning blue in the last presidential election during that time.

Since Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race, who is the Senator of Vermont at that time and the last competitor of Biden, it made way for Biden to become the presumptive Democratic nominee in April. Only a few days after the suspension of Sanders' campaign, he joined several of previous Democratic competitors, and together they announced their support for the former vice president.

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Biden leads poll on handling economic issues

Opinions of Americans on which candidate would be best suited in handling the economy also shifted. Before the pandemic impacted the United States, Trump emphasized that his smooth path to reelection is all because of the strong US economy. But that all drastically changed when the pandemic strike, resulting in an all-time high in terms of the unemployment rate since before World War II.

Also around 100 days before the arrival of the pandemic in the United States, Trump is the favorite of the respondents after being asked if they would prefer to handle the economy. But earlier this month it is a different story as the national poll conducted by Change Research and published by Quinnipiac University shows that in terms of proper handling economic issues Biden is leading.

The research conducted in the six key swing states reflects that most of the voters there do not like the way Trump manages the economy, CNN stated in a report.

Though the majority of the latest polls indicated that Biden has an advantage over Trump, it is still too early to celebrate as there is still plenty of time before the election. But for Vice President Mike Pence, polling is already broken in America, and it is also believed by the supporters of Trump after his victory in the 2016 election.

The pandemic made politicians realize that anytime it can make or break their dreams.

If a Presidential election will be conducted today, based on the gathered information in the polls, Biden would definitely win the race. But since it is still 100 days away, what affects Trump right now can be the game-changer in his campaign if the current president will play his cards right within the last 100 days, then the results might become the other way around.

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