The legacy of Louis Vuitton dates back to 1854 when he opened his first store. After the World's Fair in 1892, he made his mark by creating classy handbags.

The social status staple bags are never on discount and are expected to have a 20-year-duration or beyond.

Maybe you are one among the blissfully ignorant regarding designer handbags and you are interested in the reason people pay a large amount for a plain-looking brown canvas bag with their logo affixed on it. You may think the models sold at the night market look identical to the authentic ones, so why would anyone in their right mind pay for such a handbag?

A rarely used Louis Vuitton can demand a generous worth, reported Couture USA.

The color, design, and pattern of Louis handbags are eye-catching. The Louis Vuitton brand's legacy and heritage feed its high prices, but there is more to the narrative.

The founder of the brand in 1837 set off on a journey between Anchay and Paris amid the economic prosperity that had people vying for the region, according to A Fashion Blog.

Vuitton was hired as a packer for Napoleon's wife and personal box-maker.

The Louis Vuitton brand has legally obtained the trademark for its stripe pattern and the color combination used in its handbags, reported India Today.

The leather material of a Louis Vuitton bag is of top quality. The brand is meticulous regarding sourcing its leather and other materials used in crafting the handbags.

Following Chanel and Hermès, Louis Vuitton is among the Big 3.

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Louis Vuitton bags are lauded for their durability.

Vuitton debuted his trunk design in 1858. The rectangular design, unlike its dome-shaped counterparts, makes it convenient to stockpile. The cotton canvas fabric was waterproof and lightweight which was suitable for travel.

The Louis Vuitton company has built a character over the previous 150 years with an image to uphold.

Vuitton uses the highest quality of materials, production practices, and manufacturing standards in order to achieve virtually indestructible and timeless bags.

The user is investing in a purse that could just last a lifetime.

The first-released LV bags are made of cow-hide leather material which transitions in color over time from a light brown to dark brown.

Vuitton received first bronze and then a gold medal at the World's Gatherings in 1867 and 1889 due to the excellence linked to his tote bags.

In the current world, LV handbags became markers linked with class and luxury.

In Europe and the United States, all Vuitton workshops and craftsmen are compensated fairly for their skill sets. The craftspeople involved in the production take on over a year of training prior to working independently.

To commemorate his father when he passed away in 1892, his son patented the Louis Vuitton monogram featuring an L interlocked with V.

Therefore, the bag has a steadfast and powerful history that coats its value.

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