To say that China is not a sleeping giant is a wrong assumption, because the Yellow titan has awaken from its slumber. The entire world is now realizing the consequences of China's dominance.

The emergence of Beijing in the world stage has sent shockwaves that shook many nations. Now, China poses a threat as it flexes its muscles in assertive dominance, an act which is opposed by the US in all fronts.

China has long cemented its hold through economic agreements that made it the producer of cheap goods, and foreign firms earn a chunk of revenue from its large market. They have gained a foothold in the world, but at what expense? Here are the five instances that shows what the world is in for.

1. The PRC is now part of the superpower club with US and Russia. 

Marshal Billingslea, the special envoy of President Trump, has encouraged Beijing to join Trilateral talks that include the US and Russia as the premiere superpowers. The US envoy expressed the need to have a new treaty about nuclear talks, stressing that to keep nuclear arms from going wild and out-of-control, Chinese participation is a must. But, the communists want to hold onto their nukes.

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2. In the South China Sea, they have claimed several districts without any resistance.

The United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea, the People's Liberation Army Navy, and Air Force has been actively pilfering territory that is not Chinese territory. Using the 9-dash line, they have been coercing and bullying Asian neighbors with a better navy. But the US Navy and Air Force are involved in freedom of navigation operation and overflight that have scare off the Chinese military. Recently, the US Navy had three carrier strikes group to ward off Beijing.

3. It is one of the biggest economies compared to the US. 

One of the biggest trade blocs in Asia is China. There are many industries in this nation that is profitable for international companies all over the world. Right now, the US is in a trade row with Beijing, that is costing both countries a lot in revenue. This is only one of the many tensions that the US needs to address soon.

4. Countries are careful not to displease the Chinese Communist Party. 

Beijing has the habit of doing what it wants, just like giving a big headache for the US. But other nations cannot afford to anger the Chinese Communist Party, which can easily cause economic lashes to smaller countries. For these small nations, the option is to either follow the dotted line or have problems later on.

5. Xi Jinping has quelled the assertions that his country has something to do with coronavirus pandemic. 

Recently, the US-led attack on the collusion of the WHO and China about the coronavirus should have ended in China's shame. Instead, the World Health Assembly praised Beijing despite surmounting evidence about its hand on the coronavirus pandemic. Later, President Trump responded by announcing the disassociation of the US from WHO on July 2021.

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