A notice of withdrawal from the World Health Organization has been tendered by the Trump Administration. A senior administration official informed Fox News last Tuesday, citing WHO's pro-China stance as the reason of such action. 

 President Trump has been aggressive denouncing China's involvement in the coronavirus, while the WHO was more attentive to China's needs. In the eyes of the US  these were signs of China's meddling with the UN organization, reported Fox News.

 In effect, the White House has informed Congress on Tuesday of the decision to cease being a WHO member starting July 2021.

 Democrats attack the White House decision

In a tweet, Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., said there was a notification from the White House of the US ceasing to be part of WHO in the middle of a pandemic, cited Washington Post.

 He also said that Trump's reaction to the pandemic as not good enough, with the presidential elections ahead in November. Adding that leaving the WHO will leave America sick and alone to stress how bad the Dems consider his actions.

 On Tuesday, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said that the WHO has received the notification of WITHDRAWAL with no further comment.

Trump draws flak and China gets praises for alleged handling of the pandemic

 Another Republican from the Senate Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, R- Tenn., disagreed with the President. Saying that it was too early to leave the WHO and making them pay for their Chinese collaboration must be done after the crisis.

He added that the White House decision was ill-advised, and the mistakes of the WHO can be investigated later. Doing that in the middle of the crisis will not bring anything good to it. WHO will be accountable in time, but not now.

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Alexander said further that the US leaving the WHO is creating havoc with trials to find a cure. Another is the difficulty to work with other entities in stopping a virus that might find its way to America. Stressing that if the Trump administration wants reforms in the WHO, it can be done through congress.

 A timely response by former Obama VP, Joe Biden of the Dems who is running against President Donald Trump, stated that he'll make the US a part of WHO if elected.

On the US leaving the World Health Organization, he stressed that his leadership will restore a relationship with WHO, despite allegations of coddling the Chinese communists that have dodged accountability so far as the alleged cause of the pandemic, and have benefited from a WHO with US funding.

Trump's warning and the Chinese mishandle virus crisis

The WHO was given fair warning about an impending US split as the collusion of the WHO and China was apparent when the threat was issued in late-May. Reforms that the US was requesting to be considered by the WHO. Adding that the US will stop funding the WHO and give it to more worthwhile enterprises. Compared to China, the US gives more money and China benefits more than the US in the transaction.

 President Trump made the intent of cutting ties at the Rose Garden event at the White House.

According to Trump, the Chinese communists have lied, and the WHO is implicit as well. Directing measures at trade, COVID-19, and seizing control of Hong Kong is only a few of its negative actions compounding all nations.

Better late than never WHO

 Before the World Health Organization said that China shared initial information with the UN agency. A new report later said that the information came from online information, not China, confirmed in Japan Times. However, it comes too late as the US leaves in July next year.

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