Thanks to technology, smartphones are getting better every year. But throughout mobile phones' evolution, one question persists: how can you stretch your phone's battery life?

No matter how advanced the features of your mobile phone are, USwitch mentioned that if the battery can't withstand a few hours of use, your device is pretty much useless. 

These tips will provide smartphone users ideas on saving precious battery power and sustain your smartphone battery's life. 

1. Avoid charging your battery to 100%

For one thing, leaving a mobile to charge a whole night is not advisable at all. This practice just shortens the service life of a power cell, because when the charge is 100%, the power de-charges. Try the recommended 40% to 80% for longer battery life and be sure to drain it out before charging.

2. A portable charger is a must-have

Always have a portable charger on hand wherever you go, so you can immediately re-charge your phone. Another option is a portable power bank that comes in several mAh that is usable with all handsets of Android and iOS. Don't forget to look for cables that are compatible with your device, according to Instructables.

3. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

Only switch on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when needed, because these can drain power fast. Use only when an accessory need to connect, or if there's a Wi-Fi nearby. These functions are not always needed so best to turn them off when not in use, according to Technopedia.

4. 2G is better for low power

Using 3G and 4G is quite typical for most smartphones, but sometimes going 2G will be a big extension on your battery life, especially in emergencies. Your mobile can still get calls and text, although your application usage may be limited in 2G.

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5. Make us of battery saving mode

When the power is on, some phones go on battery saving mode if there is no source for re-charging. It comes standard on all phones. Do this whenever you can to extend your smartphone's life.

6. Turn off the GPS

GPS is only needed for some apps but they can drain a handset like crazy, so make sure to turn off the GPS when not in use. There are times that it can be left on, so checking if it is accidentally on will save power.

7. Adjust screen settings and brightness

A bright screen will suck up power like crazy, so fix the screen and set it for the least power consumption. Always set the mode from auto to manual adjustment. Always remember to set a time limit on the display too, according to Samsung.

8. Vibrate option drains your battery fast

Using the vibrate options whenever your phone has any alert can zap power, especially if a call is unanswered too long. For notifications, the tone warnings do not need to vibrate all the time too. This option is not necessary, unless you're in a movie house.

9. Apps are major power-drainers

Apps that are not in use must be stopped running in the background because it can drain the power cell faster. There are apps that stops running automatically too, but for those that don't, you can always shut them off in your settings.

10. Disable voice control

Sometimes voice control is not really needed, so just cancel it because it can drain your battery too. For the mean time, you can go back to typing.

11. Install battery-saving applications

Some applications can help you manage your battery life by regulating your smartphone usage. Most of them are free and ready-to-download in your app store.

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