Sir Richard Dearlove cites that the entry of the Chinese telecom Huawei in the United Kingdowm is like a Trojan horse that allows the Chinese military to conduct espionage. This is pivotal especially now, with the impending introduction of 5G infrastructure that leaves the UK wide open to possible security threats, reported Telegraph.

For the ex-M16 head, the only option to negate the threat is to cancel any contracts. He calls it a strategic security reason for the well-being of the country. China is expanding its sphere of influence from the China sea to west, which western governments should be wary off.

Huawei: A possible security threat?

Once the Chinese military are given access via Huawei, it will be game-over for the UK government. These remarks were made ahead of the critical meeting scheduled by the National Security Council on Tuesday. Part of the agenda amongst the ministers is the halting of planned purchases of brand new Huawei telecom equipment at the end of 2020.

After cancelling the equipment orders, there will be a purging of the Chinese company from the UK's 5G network according to Digitpol.

Sir Richard remarked that cancelling any agreements with Huawei will shield the UK from any attempts to hack its 5G network.

He made it clear there should be no doubt how close the Chinese government is to Huawei. Wherever Huawei is, expect some sort of Chinese presence shadowing it.

According to him, Huawei is getting all sort of the support from the Chinese communists. The company is closely linked to the People's Pepublic of China.

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One of the hallmarks of Chinese military strategy is the combination of civil and military means as a combined effort. Thus, the thrust towards 5G can give the Chinese communists a chance to piggy-back on Huawei to gain more opportunities for spying or gathering data, Express UK.

Huawei got the memo for its planned ejection from the UK network, which has prompted the Chinese telco to a  request a meeting with Boris Johnson's senior adviser Sir Edward Lister. Part of the agenda in the meeting with the adviser will be new requests for a delay in the telecom's ejection. The Chinese telecom is asking permission to stay till 2025 during general elections, confirmed IT Wire.

To spice up the deal, some sources connected to Huawei claimed that it offered add-ons, provided that it won't get booted out yet. One of the major suggestions given by the telecom is to spend for total maintenance for the system. This is a generous option that the UK government might find hard to pass up.

But here are some realities that should be remembered about China's supposed pledges. A Chinese virologist has revealed that the Communist party knew about the coronavirus outbreak. Beijing took several weeks before informing the world.

Dr Li-Meng Yan informed the world that the first viral cluster was examined by her. She revealed that it was instructed by Professor Leo Poon, who was her supervisor at the Hong Kong School of Public Health.

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