An unexpected promotion of a diplomat who testified against President Donald Trump surprised many. 

 According to reports, a batch of senior officials was promoted but one of them was a star witness. The diplomat figured a lot in the impeachment trial that was against President Trump.

 George Kent, a diplomat who was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, took the stand during the impeachment that centered on US and Ukraine relations. It was assumed that the president was intent on purging those who testified against him in Foreign policy. To date, there are eight of his administration that has been fired, reassigned, or quit with no further adieu, reported Daily Caller.

 His retention and promotion was not anticipated since most of the witnesses were subject to the perceived purge.

 Ukraine Burisma Holdings connected to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

 According to the records, one of the reasons for Kent's Testimony is Burisma Holdings. The Ukrainian firm that had links to presidentiable Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. He stressed that early on in 2016 there was something fishy. Another thing he said was something about Rudy Giuliani, who was Trump's lawyer that did not rub off right for him. There was mention of alleged corruption at the holding firm, which has yet to be substantiated by evidence.

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Retirement of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman came the same week as the promotion of Kent. Vindman was one of the star witnesses in impeachment proceedings. Case in point for many opposed to the president was Vindman who drew his ire that led to the speculation of a purge in the administration. Sources state that Vindman was due a promotion as a Colonel coming this summer but got delayed. Later Vindman said that the Trump administration was leaning on him for testifying. Despite that common perception which is contrast to the promotion of Kent as a diplomat.

Vindman has never been one of Trump's favorites after he gave a scathing and critical testimony as a source of the House Intelligence Committee. Last February, he said that Vindman should be punished by the military for certain actions. One of the reasons for Trump's obvious displeasure is that he was insubordinate in his actions,

The lawyer of Vindman, David Pressman held a press brief with CNN, he said that the President of the United States gave the Colonel an unfair choice. It was to side with the law or going along with what the president deems fit. It came down to keeping his path to serve the public good or keep his career going.

Another is keeping his promotion intact or promotion of soldiers. His lawyer added that it is unfair for those serving the US with their lives, cited NPR.

The predicament of Vindman shows that he was painted into a corner he could not get out of, except by choosing to salvage his career. Instead, he bit the bullet and got purged according to some.

During the testimony in which he said he was discomfited by the attempt of Trump to affect the US foreign policy. Among testimony given during the impeachment hurt Trump's administration most in January.

Promotion of diplomat show that the purge is imagined by Trump's adversaries too.

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