Last Saturday, at a West Point, President Trump revealed about a super-duper missile that travels at higher velocities than most missiles now.

During the address, he highlighted the missile and its abilities to stress the capability of the US at producing insanely unbelievable weapons to protect America's interests, reported in We Are the Mighty.

Trump made a pronouncement in the middle of May, wherein he touted advancements in US military. He highlighted a hypersonic missile that is under development, which means it is more powerful compared to conventional ones.

He added that the new weapons are one of the most technically advanced, and no one except the US can make such amazing arms. He cited all of the enemies of America that are against its interests, mentioned in Task and Purpose.

President Trump described the new super-duper missile saying that it can accelerate at 17 times the speed of sound. This could be one of the fastest missiles that might be in the US arsenal or any military.

He then compares the US hypersonic missile to the ones under development by China or Russia, which are five to six times faster. Though the US version is 17 times faster, it has gotten approval to go into development.

All his remarks were understood to be about one thing, with references about a specialized hypersonic projectile. Soon after the announcement at West Point, the Department of Defense immediately gave a statement to confirm the news in the presidential address that the Pentagon is keen to have hypersonic missiles to use against China, Russia, and any enemy.

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What makes a hypersonic missile tick?

A Hypersonic missile will travel at higher velocities that will most likely defeat defensive systems, that are deployed against it. Another is the variable flight path that will make it hard to lock by conventional systems that will most likely fail to stop. It is a race between the USA, Russia, and especially China which is dependent on missiles systems for long-range defense, confirmed in National Defense Magazine.

In his speech, President Trump told he class of 2020 at West Point last Saturday, that he gave the cadets info on America's most potent attack and defense system that he touted last month.

Additional information about America's military arms included new ships, fighter planes, bomber planes, with helicopters. In development are new type tanks, satellites, and other arms but the hypersonic missile was the cherry on top.

A new-gen missile will hit the target at 1,000 miles away. It will be accurate to 14 inches from it crosshairs. These are the tech specs that are released, cited Business Insider.

According to Trump's description, the super-duper missile is not 17 times as fast, but some exaggeration, most hypersonic hardware is faster than normal rockers, it may be slower than some ballistic missiles.

One example is the US Air Force's LGM-30 Minuteman III ICBM will reach Mach 23 at its fastest velocity. If any weapon is 17 times faster, that will be very fast.

The president connected military prowess to superfast missiles. He later corrected himself by saying it was slower than the weapon mentioned earlier on Saturday.

Another of these designs is a hypersonic glider type that was tested in March, that might be the precursor to new weapons.

Despite the exaggeration by President Trump of a super-duper missile, the US may come close to it, and the graduating cadets will have that legacy.

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