The reported Russian bounty on US troops was denied by President Trump, and he dared the newspaper to reveal its source.

An attempt at framing President Donald Trump in another fiasco has taken place. Allegedly, it was briefed to him that Russian were paying bounty for all American troop killed by Taliban fighters, reported in Al Jazeera.

The New York Times claim that bounties were given for any US soldier killed by the Taliban.

On Twitter, Trump was furious and claimed he had no firsthand knowledge about it. Mentioning VP Mike Pence of Mark Meadows of the Trump Administration.

 He wrote that there has been no attack on US troop, and denying anything like it is happening there. The Washington Post on Sunday said that bounties caused casualties amongst US troops.

"Everybody is denying it there have not been many attacks on us," he wrote, despite a Washington Post follow up report on Sunday saying that the bounties resulted in the deaths of American troops.

On Sunday, President Trump wrote:"Intel checked the source and deemed the info not credible, so it was passed over and not reported to me or the @VP."

Last Friday, the New York Times made a report that US intel revealed a Russian military intelligence unit was active. Its activities include assassination of American troops or their coalition cohorts, and giving rewards per head. Armed fighter were thought to have been paid for their kills already.

 After the initial report, The Washington Post had another report published that verified the bounty on US troops. Officials in the intelligence community and several other sources were also verified in the Associated Press.

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The Kremlin said that the media bounty reports are all lies, vehemently denying that Russians are willing to pay the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan.

When the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked about these reports in press brief, he strongly stressed that newspapers should stop rumor mongering, and listen that President Trump is telling the media the facts. He further stress that Trump and Vladimir Putin never bothered to consider such outlandish stories fed to media.

The report is spurious, Used against Trump

Both the White House and the Director of National Intelligence were unanimous in saying the report last Saturday was unreliable and unverified. The Russians denied it and ignored the report.

Last Sunday, the New York Times published another report which claims that US Intel and special ops in Afghanistan are aware of Russian bounties noting that officers are informed of the plot.

The issues has been used by Biden to make some statement directed at Trump, despite the reports as officially unverified.

Nancy Pelosi, the House of Representatives Speaker, one of the eight who get the intel briefings oftenly. She was not aware of it and asked for a briefing.

Immediately, Pelosi cited the report and accused Trump of ignoring the evidence. She added that it is more proof of accommodating Putin.

Pelosi mentioned the support for Putin with reduced US presence in NATO, a reduction of US forces in Germany, and lastly, getting Russia into the G8.

Both Pelosi and House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff asked why was he not told of the bounty offered.

For President Donald Trump, the bounty for US troops is another issue to diminish his administration.

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