Fort Hood officials said that available video footage is being reviewed in connection to the death and disappearance of Army Spc, Vanessa Guillen.

According to Senior Special Agent Damon Phelps of Fort Hood Criminal Investigation Command (CID), they are unable to give specific information or comments regarding the ongoing investigation. However, he clarified that the video footage that they have reviewed was not an actual video of the incident or a video of Guillen's unit, according to

Moreover, the officials stated that at the moment, there is no evidence that connects the disappearance of Guillen to the alleged sexual harassment claims. But they also stressed that the matter is being investigated by the CID.

Guillen's Family Identifies Remains

Meanwhile, the attorney of the Guillen family, Natalie Khawam stated on Sunday that the family has confirmed and identified the remains that were found in a shallow grave that was dug in Texas to be Vanessa Guillen.

The 20-year-old soldier has been missing since April. She was last seen at Fort Hood in the parking lot or her barracks on the 22nd of April based on the CID. The remains of Guillen was not found until the 30th of June.

According to CNN, Khawan said that based on the details that were given to Guillen's family during a meeting with the investigators of the army, Guillen was killed inside the armory where she was working. Moreover, it was stated that after the killer used a hammer to bludgeon the victim to death, her remains were transported from the base.

In addition, the attorney also stated that Guillen was not identified using her medical records since it was made impossible to do so by her badly beaten face. Thus, the remains that were found were transported to the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for identification.

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Based on reports, the main suspect on the disappearance and death of Guillen was an army specialist identified as Spc. Aaron David Robinson.

On Wednesday, after the remains of Guillen was found, Robinson was confronted by investigators. Reports say that the suspect tried to escape the base, however, when the authorities were able to catch up with him he shot himself.

According to Khawam, Guillen's family stated that the female soldier has been planning to file a sexual harassment claim against Robinson, the day after she disappeared. According to the family, Guillen has told them that one of her superiors was sexually harassing her.

Air Force Veteran said Guillen deserved to be harassed

Meanwhile, an Air Force veteran, Lt. Col. Betsy Schoeller stated in a heated social media discussion that Guillen deserved to be sexually harassed by simply admitting herself in what she called was a "good ole boy club."

The statements of the said female soldier received backlash from social media which called her out to be an enabler of sexual abuse within the armed forces. There were also several calls to Scholler's current employer, the University of Wisconsin, where she is a senior lecturer to fire her after she made the comments.

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