Jenelle Evans got back together with husband David Eason despite being arrested for assault charges when he attacked and threatened her friend. Although David was let out of jail on an Unsecure Bond, he may be in big trouble now that the District Attorney has gathered more evidence against him.

According to reports, Jenelle went to the home of David to collect her belongings accompanied by two of her friends, wherein one of them is James Spivey. David and James had an altercation over a lost key, which David eventually found later on.

The Columbus County District Attorney's Office has a record of the 911 call from the assault arrest. InTouch Weekly reports that David used a deadly weapon, which is a Springfield handgun to hit James on the back and the back of his neck. David then threatened James to blow his "brains out." It is not yet clear if the DA has obtained a copy of the alleged video footage of the incident.

"When David came out of the bedroom, he was in a towel. He went back into the room and came out with blue jean shorts and a pistol," said an insider, according to All About the Tea. "David told him he wanted to 'f**k him up.' He then shoved him in the chest, and he landed on his lower back."

James merely defended himself by using a coat rack as a shield since he is unable to fight back due to his back issues.

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Jenelle Evans Back Together with David Eason

Jenelle's disabled friend revealed that instead of breaking up with David, "Teen Mom 2" alum actually got back together with him. Reports indicate that the couple separated June 13 and were back on each other's arms on June 18.

The recent reconciliation of the pair isn't new since they had been in an on and off the relationship. However, what Jenelle did is the opposite of her statement after the altercation of David and James. She previously told Celebernation, "I'm shaking and saddened by this," Jenelle told the outlet. "It's time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere."

The mother of three even said that she did not agree that David was given a bond. She said that the matter should have been treated in a more serious manner.

Arrested Twice on the Same Day

According to Celebernation, during David's arrest, he was immediately out of jail after an hour as he was given an unsecure bond. However, he was arrested again later that night.

Apparently, he was facing another complaint due to a previous misdemeanor for an illegal truck-towing incident. He was arrested due to his Failure To Appear. But he was out of jail again.

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