The Start Menu of Windows 10 will be renovated soon and Microsoft gave a sneak peek of its new look.

The Microsoft 365 Facebook page posted numerous screenshots of its new dashboard that looks sleek.

Photos posted on Facebook celebrates LGBTQI+ equity and inclusion with a brand new special edition Windows Pride theme. It comes in the form of a chic, purple gradient with a semblance of blue and orange on certain backgrounds, reported Techworm.

The Start Menu appears to be cleaner with a translucent background. New Fluent Design-style icons were added.

Microsoft introduced the initial Windows 10 version under its new Windows as a Service (WaaS) model a few years ago, according to Wccftech.

The tech company has been seemingly underscoring on addressing the numerous issues than offering new features.

Most people believe Windows 10's issue on design is consistency due to its flexibility.

Upon being declared in 2015 and after almost 5 years, Microsoft has marked the beginning of a new appearance for the operating system Windows 10.

Rumors circulated in early 2020 that the tech company will be removing Live Tiles in its Start Menu.

The Live Tiles feature acquires information in real-time from applications including Spotify, Mail, and news and weather applications. However, the removal has not received much approval from the company along with third-party application makers who have cut off support.

Alongside teasing a redesigned Start Menu, rumors surfaced that Microsoft will replace Live Tiles with basic icons.

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They stated on the Windows Insider Webcast that the Live Tiles feature will remain available to users and developers, but they confirmed that the company is moving away from them.

However, the sneak peek indicated that the Live Tiles are still part of its design. The Live Tiles backgrounds will be equivalent to your Windows 10 theme of choice (light or dark), instead of the color of the application.

Once the Live Tiles are switched off, the Start Menu will display Fluent Design icons with a translucent background instead of the solid colors that Live Tiles display when an app is turned off.

The major features throughout the years have been lacking in terms of visual alterations. Now, users are slated to see an improved Windows 10 Start Menu soon.

The Live Tiles may remain present, but the tech company is looking to deviate from the initial concept of the Live Tiles previously introduced.

The upgrade displayed that the Live Tiles will fade into the background, bringing forward Fluent Design-powered app icons.

According to Microsoft, they will be "exploring" a new path for the Start Menu and confirmed that the Live Tiles will remain.

The renovated Start Menu is slated to be released in 2021.

The team of Office 365 posted a series of Windows 10 wallpapers identical to the new-style Start Menu in action.

The items on the App List are no longer surrounded by blocks of colors. In the current Windows 10 version, the Start Menu's app boxes appear with varying colors that look messy.

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