The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been one of the most predictable devices of 2017. The tech company has failed to deliver the 2-in-1 PC tablet to its fans this year. But now the good news is coming that the upcoming device will be coming in two variants- Windows and Android OS.

When Microsoft held an event in October 2016, fans were waiting as they have expected that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would finally be launched. However, they were disappointed when the tech company instead unveiled a new Windows 10 update and the new, Surface Studio.

Fresh reports are claiming that what may be causing the delay for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release is in the new software side. It has been rumored that the upcoming -hybrid device will be coming with the proprietary Windows 10 operating system and also the Android OS.

Accordingly, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would come out with one version that is Windows-base and the way its predecessors came out as well as the other one would run on Android OS, reports the University Herald.

On the Windows side, it would be powered by the Windows 10 Redstone Update to be released next year. For the Android version, it would be the Android 7.0 Nougat launched earlier this year.

This variation in operating systems powering same model is not unheard of in the tech world. The Lenovo Yoga Book has also come in Windows and Android OS variants. With this innovative decision, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 fans would be having more options in terms of customizing their device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to have the glaring battery draining issue that inundated the Surface Pro 4. In addition to that the Intel Kaby Lake chipsets are also geared to power all versions of the upcoming device and high resolution displays are also an obvious upgrade.

Some reports also say that Microsoft has filed a new patent for a Surface Pen support on the Surface Pro 5. This new technology would allow the Surface Pen to be charged upon contact with the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The latest Surface Pro 5 is also expected to come with a USB Type-C charging port, which has become the new paradigm in modern-day devices for faster data transfers.

However, many critics believe that the Android OS running on Surface Pro 5 is a misdirect and an inaccurate rumor because Microsoft would not be using a product of Google for its device in the same way as Apple is protective of its iOS software's exclusivity to iOS devices.