NORTH KOREA - Crossing into the North from the South, hundreds of thousands of balloons carrying anti-Kim leaflets spoiled the relations between North and South Korea as the hermit state set the alarm ringing. Global tension rose as North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un threatened to use weapons of mass destruction to the South, which may cause the start of the third world war.

Kim Jong-Un's sister, Kim Yo-jong is the one who retaliated to the propaganda calling the South "human scum " and "the enemy", she also claimed it is just the first move towards a planned strategic attack.

Just a few days after the retaliation, the North blasted the inter-Korean liaison office in the border city, Kaesong, destroying a de facto diplomatic outpost that connects Pyongyang and Seoul in terms of communication, Express Mail reported.

The direct connection between the two countries had been cut by the North, terminating the daily talks that started since 2018.

Moments after the attack in Kaesong, propagandists in Pyongyang cautioned that its military currently plans to re-enter the border areas that were disarmed previously because of the 2018 inter-Korean Comprehensive Military Agreement.

Been looming for a certain time, it is a military threat that many experts suggest that North Korea has no qualms about its usage.

American journalist, Sochi Dreazen who covered the Iraq war and a follower of the Korean tensions, shared that in 2018 there is a possibility that Kim will use every weapon of mass destruction that he possesses.

However, Dreazen also mentioned that there is also a chance that Kim will not utilize any of those weapons because of the unpredictability of war itself.

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Experts about North Korea shared that the most recent moves in Pyongyang show the provocation of the military.

They also added and explained that it is an act coming from Kim along with his advisers to reset negotiations with Washington to ease the crippling economic sanctions.

Talks have stalled between the two nations, despite the three meetings which happened in just a span of two years.

In a report by Financial Press, former CIA analyst, Sue Mi Terry, shared that she is expecting more actions from North Korea this year wherein the United States is not exempted.

She also added that the attack on the liaison office on the border city was just the 'opening salvo.'

Since North Korea conducted weapons testing, as observed by experts the North Korean military has a huge number of rocket launchers and artilleries that are capable to reach Seoul anytime.

According to the Congressional Research Service, Kim could pound the capital of South Korea with an average of 10,000 rockets per minute, Vox reported.

Based on the projection, it could kill not less than 300,000 South Koreans in just the initial days of the conflict.

Based on the projection, it could kill not less than 300,000 South Koreans in just the initial days of the conflict.

This projection does not include the usage of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

As of the moment, the United States has not yet received any threats coming from the North.

Moreover, a lot of people expects Kim to address similar message he issued to Trump in 2018 wherein he somehow showed a glimpse of warning and warned the world that his nuclear artillery is not just a threat but a reality.

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