For the past two years, Kim Jong-Un's sister Kim Yo Jong had been seen beside the supreme leader acting as a political strategist. The siblings have had a good relationship as they have studied together in Switzerland.

World's first female dictator

Recently, however, Yo Jong is steadily becoming the first female dictator in the world. She is the only one of Kim's to be considered as a powerful ally of the supreme leader.

According to ATOZ News, Yo Jong was first seen in 2018 when she visited South Korea. She went on a tour with her Winter Olympics team and afterwards showed an aggressive attitude towards their southern brethren.

Last week, Yo Jong decided to escalate tensions between the two Koreas by blowing up the liaison office located in Kaesong, which was built as a means of communication between the two countries.

The move is thought to be the North's first missile launch this year and had received severe criticisms for the South.

The North Korean regime had been known to use violent and undiplomatic methods to showcase its authority. Still, the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee's First Vice-Department Director ordered the recent attack.

When Jong-un was first reported to be missing in March, his sister delivered a statement which marked the first national address under her name, as published by Express UK.

Since her first moment in the spotlight, she had continuously heightened tensions between the two countries and had shown her criticisms of defectors spreading anti-DPRK leaflets.

She called the defectors "human scum" and compared them to mongrel dogs. Yo Jong also attacked the South Korean President Moon Jae-In in her statements, calling him insane but appearing to be normal.

After Jong-un's disappearance earlier this year, rumours of Yo Jong succession started spreading. A similar incident occurred when Jong-un suddenly went missing in 2014, giving rise to speculations of his sister gaining the position of the supreme leader.

Yo Jong is allegedly married to the party secretary Choe Ryong-Hae's son and is considered to be the second-in-command in North Korea.

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A powerful influence

NK News' Oliver Hotham said Yo Jong's influence stems from her brother, who holds the most powerful position in the country, as reported by BBC. She had recently become North Korea's new point-person in charge of inter-Korean affairs.

Yo Jong threatened to send troops in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) along the border between the two countries in June. The announcement came after the South allegedly failed to prevent defectors from spreading anti-DPRK propaganda.

The recently popular female figure is the youngest among the late Kim Jong-Il's daughters and has the same mother as the supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

She was born four years after Jong-Un, and the two of them shared the same home in their studies in Berne.

Officials from the Switzerland educational institute she enrolled in said a group of guards and caretakers were over-protective of the heir. Allegedly, she once came down with a mild cold and was quickly recovered from the school and brought to a nearby hospital.

For the past five years, her job had been to protect her brother's national image and status. In 2017, however, she was promoted to be an alternate member of the politburo, suggesting a change in seniority without changing her role in propaganda.

Rumours of her succession have spread every time her brother is reported missing from the public eye or when there any uncertainties with him.

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