A monkey in India is known to love alcohol, and since he gets his regular supply of booze from his owner, the monkey has now established a tolerance for it.

Drunk monkey

The famous monkey, Kalua, is now helpless and dependent on alcohol after his owner died. In 2017, he went on a violent biting rampage, leaving 250 people injured and one dead.

According to Business Insider, the incident happened in Mirzapur, an Indian city. India's forest and zoo teams were alerted and they rushed to control the situation.

Kalua eluded the traps in the forest, but his biting spree came to an end when the authorities finally captured him. But Kalua left a gruesome scene, hundreds of people were bitten and some were even mutilated. There were dozens of children whose faces were ripped open after he sank his fangs on their skin.

Numerous people also required reconstruction surgery after the horrifying attack, and one person sadly passed away due to the injuries.

According to Daily Mail, the monkey targeted the victims based on appearance and height. Kalua attacked women and children. He was immediately taken to Kanpur Zoological Park for rehabilitation but he was too dangerous that the authorities had relegated him to a life inside a cage.

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Mohd Nasir, the Kanpur Zoo's doctor, said that they had to keep the monkey in isolation for months before they had to transfer him to a separate cage. He added that there was no change in the monkey's behavior and he remains aggressive.

Although years have passed since he was brought to the zoo, there is still no improvement. Kalua will remain in captivity all his life for the safety of the people around him.

Alcohol addiction

Kalua's alcohol addiction was already well-known in the zoo, but what the zoologists did not expect was his aversion to vegetables. The authorities in the zoo believe that the money was also given a meat-centric diet by his late owner.

According to The New York Post, the people in charge are confident that the lack of meat in his diet had an impact on Kalua's aggression, aside from the lack of alcohol. What's more disturbing is that they believe Kalua was given monkey meat on a daily basis.

Throughout the years, Kalua attacked female zookeepers at a higher rate than male zookeepers. The monkey had attacked his fellow monkeys too whenever he was out of isolation. It is not clear how his owner died, and there are no details about the man's beliefs, but it is evident that Kalua is having problems adapting to his surroundings.

The decision to keep Kalua in solitary confinement came after monkeys in Meerut, India, barreled into the campus of a medical college, and stole blood samples that were positive with coronavirus. The incident caused major concern in the community.

The blood samples were never retrieved, and a local official claimed that there was no evidence that monkeys in the area had transmitted the virus to humans after the incident. As for Kalua, he still remains hyper-aggressive and his confinement is required to keep the general public safe.

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