A couple from Missouri allegedly left their 12-year-old son who has cerebral palsy alone in their home before moving to a new home. The couple then monitored their son's condition using an in-home video system.

Home alone

According to Crime Online, authorities have charged the parents, 30-year-old Janine Allen and 29-year-old Brendon Luke, with felony abuse or neglect of a child after they allegedly abandoned their son, only identified as TLM in court records at their previous house on May 10 before moving two miles away into a bigger home.

Police discovered a video from the home, which shows the boy telling his mother that he wanted out and that he did not like the arrangement they have made.

Blue Springs police officers stated they initially conducted their investigation when neighbors from the first home reported on June 1 that the young boy who was in a wheelchair was all alone for weeks.

One police officer spoke with the mother through a doorbell camera, where she stated their son was doing well, and they were able to monitor him properly through the camera. This alerted them of any suspicious movements or noises from inside the house.

Allen reportedly told officers their son was capable of calling 911 or their number if there was an emergency. The mother revealed that TLM and his biological father had previous violent outbursts, causing them to decide on having split homes to keep their families safe, which included two younger children on her side.

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One social worker who had ties with the family since October of last year confirmed the statements that the boy had violent tendencies that have since escalated.

The worker advised the parents that their son needed residential placement, which Allen had not completed the required documents.

The friend also stated she was unaware that the parents were moving into a new home until the police investigation started.

Suspicious relationship

The Children's Mercy Clinic told detectives that the young boy had a complex medical condition and was not supposed to be left alone. It also stated TLM was brought into the clinic in September after a suspicious-looking broken arm after a fight with his mother.

A school resource officer said that the boy also needed assistance going to the bathroom, eating food, and moving around.

According to KSDK, authorities found scattered feces inside TLM's home and described it smelled of urine. They also discovered that the telephone had no dial tone.

Officials discovered footage, which shows the boy trying to pick the lock on his bedroom door using a small wire, which his mother had later searched for. Another recording showed Allen throwing food onto TLM's bedroom floor and, within six minutes, was making her way out of the house.

Allen could also be seen telling her son to reassure investigators that he could move by himself, including using the bathroom alone. "Because someone called them and said I wasn't taking care of you and wasn't feeding you, but I'm doing those things, aren't I?" she added.

Fox59 reports that the parents have been arrested on June 11 and that TLM had been taken into protective custody. They are also being held on a bond of $250,000 each.

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