Kate Middleton has been a subject of pregnancy rumors since she married Prince William. Although the Duchess of Cambridge already have three adorable children, people are yearning to see more cuties from the royal couple. A new story saying Kate Middleton is pregnant was relesed on a tabloid, bringing joy and cheers from her followers.

Woman's Day magazine started the rumor about Middleton's pregnancy saying that she was seen "sneaking into a London hospital" with her husband. The report also added that said doctor's visit is a pre-announcement checkup. Of course, the first person to know about alleged pregnancy is Queen Elizabeth. The royal pair was said to have visited her to reveal the good news.

According to the report, the baby is a girl. It said that Kate is very happy to create a balance in her family by having two boys and two girls. The source said that despite having hard pregnancies, Kate is willing to have another baby since it is her dream to emulate the Queen.

The suspicious publication also said, "William is just beside himself. He's so proud of his family and what Kate's given him. He's fussing over her as usual, but it's so nice to see him soften."

Although the baby news would be great, this is a false story. Kate has been seen in public in many instances but she doesn't have a baby bump. Gossip Cop debukned this rumor calling the story "nonsensical." The debunking website also pointed out that Woman's Today has released other fake articles about the royals involving Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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Latest Video Message from Kate

In a video, Kate encouraged UK citizens to join her "Hold Still" virtual photo exbihit which will showcase the UK during the pandemic. It is a given fact that the world has seemingly stopped due to the virus spread since everyone needs to stay indoors.

According to Hapers Bazaar, over 12,000 photos was already submitted for the project. Kate will be selecting 100 images that will be part of the exhibition with National Portrait Gallery.


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