News of a planned deployment of the only two Chinese aircraft carriers into the Taiwan strait might be matched for a limited confrontation between the US and China over several issues.

A report by the NYPost says the CCP is prepping their two aircraft carriers to enter the Taiwanese coast, which is seen as a prelude to brewing conflict between China and the US in the region.

During the pandemic, the US accused China of getting more active and taking advantage of the situation to illegally occupy parts of the South China sea including building installations on the Paracel islands and harassing Malaysian oil exploration, but several times the interference from the US Navy forced the Chinese vessels to prowl till the US warships left.

Confrontations between the US warships and the Chinese vessel have been mostly no contact, but the USS Mustin was nearly struck by a Chinese supply ship in the Sea of Japan. But, in the company of a Chinese battle group, the US ship was only on patrol on that.

Other issues that are driving into a head-on collision is the trade row, between the two nations that are getting heated which is an understatement.

China's newest muscle to threaten Taiwan

Emboldened by the aircraft carriers, Liaoning and Shandong, one of the most powerful ships in the People's Liberation Army navy, are in readiness to complete drills in the Yellow sea but will inch their way to the Pratas Island as preparation for an invasion of Taiwan. This was reported by the pro-China Global Times.

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The ships Liaoning and Shandong, part of the People's Liberation Army Navy, are conducting military readiness drills in the Yellow Sea but are expected to move into the South China Sea to Pratas Island for invasion mock battles, CCP-controlled Global Times reported.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is vocal over the perceived right of China to own all and be the authority in the governance of the SCS. Beijing has expressed contempt for Taiwan and other countries with rightful claims, which China seeks to grab by force, even harassing other nationals and the US Navy which has not retaliated yet. This part of the brief prepared by the Council on Foreign Relations.

The think tank Council on Foreign Relations, says that China's actions are a magnet for American intervention which is motivated by denying Beijing absolute control over the South China Sea. The final objective of the US is to keep the sea lanes open and secure from the control of a single nation like China.

The council stressed that the US is at a flashpoint with the PLAN in the South China Sea, with the Philippines involved in a claim dispute with China, which is part of a defence treaty. It only adds to the powder keg that the US is sitting on, as it takes the role of world policeman that is questioned by Beijing's leaders.

America has vocalized and accused China of misdirecting the coronavirus narrative away from them, even questioned Chinese trade regulations, according to the US chief executive is unfair to US corporate entities.

 Fox Business confirmed in an interview with the US President, who said that the US can ditch China.

Wang Yi commented the barrages directed at China were driving in a cold war scenario, but he said that China will not change, instead go forward.

CCP's sending the two aircraft carriers is a move to show China's determination, but a flashpoint is an ever-present threat.

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