A 35-year-old middle school teacher, Cynthia Perkins, along with her husband, Dennis Perkins, 44 years old, who were allegedly distributing cupcakes that contained Dennis' semen to her students.

Parents' complaints from Westside Junior High School led to the arrest of the couple being arrested and sued this week. The complaint is the fourth time that the two have been indicted in recent years.

A disgusting treat

According to PerezHilton, The Advocate reported that the married couple had allegations of serving disgusting baked goods since 2018 as well as 2019 along with charges of "rape, sexual battery, video voyeurism, mingling harmful substances, obscenity, and producing child pornography," in October 2019 and no information is given as to how they were able to return to work afterwards.

One family of a child that was served the cupcakes claimed that their child has fallen into severe depression and is finding it difficult to bounce back from their current mental state, said the Daily Mail.

The family that filed the lawsuit claimed that Cynthia, in addition to serving the tainted baked goods, was also allegedly showing explicit pictures to their daughter. It also claimed that she photographed and videotaped the little girl.

Some had doubted the school and believe that the management was negligent when they hired Cynthia and failed to see her behaviour when they allowed homemade food to be served to her students, stated The Sun. Shortly after the couple's arrest, civil lawsuits have begun to emerge.

Cynthia has since left her career, and Dennis was removed on the day he was arrested, reported WAFB.

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The couple's arrest

The wife was indicted for 60 counts of child pornography production under 13 years of age, along with two counts of first-degree rape, in a statement from Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Cynthia's husband was charged with the same, as well as three counts of pornography possession of children under 13 years old, two counts of video voyeurism as well as two counts of obscenity.

The Sun acquired court documents that detailed the allegations against the Perkins which included "photoshopped images of children in sexually suggestive positions with Dennis Perkins," and a "Juvenile rape fantasy" found on Cynthia's phone.

The spokesperson of the school's district said they have no comments regarding the pending case in regards to the lawsuits.

The attorney of the Livingston Parish School's board that the district denied wrongdoings when a previous case was filed against Cynthia.

He also told The Advocate that alleged criminal or intentional wrongdoing filed against the school is "libellous" and "defamatory."

An attorney representing Cynthia, James Spokes, replied to allegations placed on his client last month when new court documents emerged against the couple.

"As to these 404(b) allegations against Dennis, we believe they represent a long history of predatory and controlling behaviour toward victims," said Spokes. "With respect to the few allegations that refer to Cynthia, they are taken out of context and are unfairly prejudicial, misleading, and will be confusing to a jury."

He added that "We are challenging the admissibility of this evidence, and there will be a hearing on this."

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