A former professor of Eastern Kentucky has been charged with the murder of his wife according to the Richmond Police Department on April 24. The 48-year-old victim, Ella Diebolt Jackson, has been missing since last fall. She was reported missing on October 22, the police said, and her husband, 39-year-old Glenn Jackson, said that he last saw his wife on October 20.

Domestic violence charge

During the investigation of the case, detectives learned that Ella Jackson met with a domestic violence advocate shortly before she went missing. This discovery prompted detectives to obtain a search warrant for the couple's vehicles and residence. Police said in a statement that a significant amount of blood was located in the trunk of Mr. Jackson's vehicle that was later proven to belong to Mrs. Jackson.

Additionally, investigators found several recordings of Ella Jackson getting into arguments with her husband, and they also learned from several people who knew the couple that Ella had told them that she was afraid of him.

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Glenn Jackson has been charged with murder and domestic violence as well as tampering with physical evidence, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Glenn Jackson was a senior English lecturer at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, about 27 miles of Lexington, until February 2020.

The victim's ex-husband speaks out

Jason Hans, Ella Jackson's former husband, and their adult son Philip Hans both believed Glenn Jackson was responsible for her disappearance. Jason Hans is a professor at EKU, posted at length on Facebook, saying that he had written the post just after Ella's disappearance but waited until Glenn's arrest to post it.

In the said Facebook post, Hans wrote that Ella had frequently told him she feared her husband but was reluctant to leave without a fail-safe exit plan in place because she feared that he would take her five-year-old son. Hans said she met with a domestic violence attorney three days before her disappearance and told him about it through Messenger.

Philip Hans told The Lexington Herald-Leader last fall that his mother would not leave her son or her disabled dog behind. According to the 18-year-old, everything of his mother's is at the house, she would not leave her 5-year-old son behind, her car is in the house as well as her phone. All of the victim's stuff is in the house.

The Richmond Police Department's assistant chief, Lt. Col. Rodney Richardson, told the Richmond Register that the 5-year-old boy had been placed in the care of the state Department of Community Based Services, but Hans wrote on Facebook that he had obtained guardianship of the boy, who is now 6-years-old.

Ella Diebolt Jackson was originally from Russia, according to Jason Hans, and she fled an abusive relationship there to Ukraine and eventually the United States. Lt. Col. Richardson said that the investigation is ongoing, and police are still searching for Ella Jackson's body.

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