The COVID-19 pandemic has been around since January and there is one thing that can beat any man-made anti-vaccines, that is immune memory. Nature's natural response to external pathogens helped COVID-19 survivor fight off the viral infection by restoring the patients' system to normal. Once our bodies are exposed to pathogens, a certain condition is reached that is of benefit to the organism.

The search for anti-viral is still ongoing through clinical trials and drugs that need to be reconfigured like Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. However, nature has a better alternative and it is carried by our bodies, this is called immune memory. And it is not chemical but biological, it is so potent that it gives an already natural immunity, an ability to increase the potency of therapies or vaccines.

In theory, when pathogens have no one to infect like when in self-isolation or quarantine. Immunity is gained as the coronavirus dies slowly until few genetic fragments are left to do any harm. If this happens, more individuals will be affected too.

Most scientists are not sure about coronavirus immunity, formerly the SARS-CoV-2 and is the COVID-19. It may be that survivors who have been exposed, cannot be hit by the virus again but reinfection is sporadic among some survivors in China and Japan (updated). Some studies done on lab animals point out immune molecules might be present for weeks. This is only after initial exposure. Nothing is known how long the immunity to COVID-19 lasts.

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Antibodies are programmed after the invading virus is destroyed

When pathogens can do their worst and invade, the immune system will be tasked to figure out what type of invaders have entered the body. Next thing to do is send in the anti-bodies that are specialized proteins that will attack the invaded pathogens, until they are gone. This function of cells helps clinicians know the virus has been encountered by the individual.

When the attack is stopped, the anti-bodies lessen after the pathogen is gone. It seems the immune system remembers the pathogen needed to deal with the invading pathogens, produces enough to smash the infection again.

Manmade vaccines will start up the immune system with a neutralized protein of the germ or virus and key the immune system to act faster and heal the disease faster. It skips the natural process that can be inconvenient.

Does the coronavirus mutate?

Viruses are not like organisms, and not alive as well. They carry RNA  instructions for any virus to become many. One problem is they are just RNA strands and need to hijack cellular machinery to multiply in general, this is the only way for them to survive.

They can be mimics when invading the host cells because they can fool the cell membrane, and mutate to enter the host cell without any problem. Once this happens it gives orders and they use cell machinery to multiply. An infection starts from there.

Do anti-bodies last?

Systems that were exposed can make the anti-body anytime, but immune memory with transfusions will not maintain the production of these anti-bodies. Such plasma treatments can work to keep the 'artificial' immune memory to help those most vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease.

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