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#stormdamage photos from Tishomingo, Mississippi.

On Tuesday evening, a tornado ripped through the northeastern part of Mississippi damaging several buildings and leaving a a huge amount of debris behind.

A dollar store in Tishomingo was even levelled by the tornado. It passed the store ar the Alabama and Tennessee state lines, about 242 milies northeast of Jackson, a video posted on social media showed how what used to be a store become a pile of rubble.


Aside from damage to properties, the tornado also caused several minor injuries, according to authorities as the severe storm system crossed into other parts of the south.

According to the National Weather Service office in Memphis reported that after storm moved through the town of Tishomingo at around 5:30 in the afternoon, the damage was reported throughout the small town which is home to fewer that 350 people.

After passing Tishomingo, the twister crossed into northern Alabama which prompted the issuance of another tornado emergency by the NWS.

The weather service also indicated that there were preliminary reports of incidents where falling debris were sen in the area.

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A meteorologist for NWS in Huntsville, Robert Boyd, stated that severe weather warninngs have been issued for northwest Alabama by Tuesday evening, as the thunderstorms made their way into areas of Tennessee.

Tishomingo rebuilding after Tuesday tornado

On Wednesday, officials of Tishomingo County spent the whole day cleaning up the aftermath of the tornado that passed through their town.

After the tornado passed, there were more than three dozens of home and businesses that were either damaged of destroyed. The storm system, ripped off roofs, blew over and uprooted trees. Leaving behind piles of debris of what used to be stores and businesses.

According to Payton Berklite, director of Tishomingo County Emegency Management, the tornado hit the town for a while before it picked up. Further adding that after a short while, it dropped back down which brought and caused even more damage in the county.

Moreover, Berklite stated that there are about 30-40 houses and business that sustained damage during the hit of the tornado. Furthermore, he added that the town mostly received the damage and butbehind the path of the torando which moved east along Highway 30 was a trail of trees, buildings that were blown away and roof damage.

Berklite was also relieved that there were only minor injuries but no fatalities that were reported during the hit. Also adding that the county exprienced power outtage but the power company was able to restore about hald of the supply by Wednesday afternoon.

On top of this, he said that their whole crew is now working to clear roads, and restore power. The town of Ecru also sent a crew to check on gas and water leaks.

On the other hand, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency director Greg Micheal flew in to the town Wednesday to asses the damages, along with crew from NWS Memphis and Huntsville who also surveyed for information in the area.

NWS officials said that the tornado is likely to be classified as an EF1 or EF2.

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