The coronavirus is now a pandemic that has many cases around the world including thousands of deaths. Every pharma is now racing to produce the most effective treatment for the COVID-19 in order to put a stop to the pandemic.

The public is consistently scanning for news of an anti-vaccine to stop coronavirus. Good sources of these type of information inlcudes medical journals. But, the information is double edged, according to Helen Branswell, STAT News journalist, and New York's Irin Carmon.

News of coronavirus cures

Scientists are pulling all the stops to find an effective treatment for the COVID-19. People want information about the latest anti-viral that can be released soon. Others are mistaken about these things and are scammed. All because of not having enough information with so many claims online.

The Food and Drug Administration warns that there "are no FDA-approved therapeutics or drugs that are capable of a full curative effect." Many are still in several stages of development, but are not yet ready for general use for curing coronavirus.

Here are several possible anti-pathogens medicine that might work, and cure COVID-19. All these are possible treatment and some might be misinformation. As of March 19, these are the frontline anti-virals under study.

1. Hydroxychloroquine

According to President Trump in a Thursday press con, this derivative from 'anti-malarial drug chloroquine' will be soon be ready for use on coronavirus patients with a prescription "almost immediately." This is not accurate, and an FDA spokesperson reported to Bloomberg that hydroxychloroquine has not been approved for use in COVID-19 cases.

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FDA head Stephen Hahn told the Daily Beast, it was approved for malaria and can treat an autoimmune disease like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, along with other drugs. Take note, it is in TESTING phase for now.

Hydroxychloroquine facts:

a. Less toxic than chloroquine.

b. Chosen for large scale use.

c. Far safer and cheaper to produce.

d. It works but needs more testing.

2. Remdesivir

This drug was used for the first U.S. patient whose clinical condition improved. Doses were given to only 250 test subjects because of the unknown effects it might have on patients. The first U.S. patient was a special case, doctors requested it before using it. The US food and drug administration (USFDA) will allow it, after clinical trials are done for the COVID-19 infection.

According to STAT News, remdesivir has been promoted as a cure for infections. It uses the system that the virus hijacks to reproduce more pathogens. A strand of COVID-19 RNA will use a polymerase to add the proteins to multiply and overcome the host cell.

Remdesivir will prevent the cell machinery to replicate the pathogen to stop infection of the host cells.

According to the success rate of Remdesivir, Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization, said it might be the best anti-viral yet.

3. Convalescent plasma and hyperimmune globulin

The Lancet made a comment that convalescent plasma has been used with success for past epidemics, like Ebola, and the H1N1 flu. Authors added, "Evidence shows that convalescent plasma from patients who have recovered from viral infections can be used as a treatment without the occurrence of severe adverse events."

Hyperimmune globulins are anti-bodies that will attack pathogens like the coronavirus.

Until all anti-viral meds are ready as effective treatment, we need to wait and see and not believe claims.

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