Governor Andrew Cuomo: "Trump will send a hospital ship to New York, the USNS Comfort"

The USNS, Comfort
(Photo : Youtube)
the hospital ship that will be docked soon in New York harbor.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded President Donald Trump, dispatch the naval hospital ship "the USNS, Comfort" because of lacking hospital beds in New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has measured how to make extra space for the unforeseen number of patients in the coming days and weeks on amid the coronavirus outbreak. He also warned the New York state hospitals that their current hospital system has only 53,000 beds available.

He also added to increase the hospital capacity, then he tweeted after his press conference held. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced after, the construction of new hospitals to manage the coronavirus outbreak. He also announced that it will be deployed to the New York harbor and expected to arrive in mid-April after it's undergoing repair in its homeport in Norfolk, Virginia after a six-month tour in South America. But Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that the ship's capacities and, field medical clinics are centered around injury and trauma, rather than deadly diseases

New York State presently has the most instances of coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the nation with more than 1,700 positive cases detailed by Wednesday morning, and 16 infection-related deaths. Field clinics and a fleet of hospital ships could be brought in to help with the patients who are infected with the coronavirus and the U.S. military are ready and capable of helping and defending the American people, protecting their nation. The number of infected cases in the U.S. could peak in 45 days, predicted by the Trump administration's coronavirus task force on Tuesday.

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The USNS Comfort

The USNS Comfort had a long history of being at the bleeding edge of wellbeing emergencies around the globe. It was sent to New York after the 9/11 incident and is expected to lend a hand once again.

The ship was originally a class super oil tanker before it was turned into the USNS Comfort in 1987, the original name of the ship was SS Rose City and was launched from San Diego, California. it has 1,000 rooms on it. It has 1,200 Navy personnel from the medical staff and communications team along with 71 civilians that are based in Virginia's Portsmouth Naval Medical Center are deployed for a wide range of purposes.

Also, the USNS Comfort's sister hospital ship, the USNS Mercy will be deployed and docked at San Diego in helping the infected people with the coronavirus.

Inside the USNS Comfort are hospital beds and operating rooms that can be also seen inside hospitals, this includes digital radiological services, a medical laboratory plus satellite lab, a casualty reception, a pharmacy, a central sterile receiving, an optometry area, a computed tomography (also known as CAT scan), and two "oxygen-producing plants". It also features a helicopter deck for ambulances and other medical equipment to land and can accept patients via small boats while at sea.

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