Recently, Ryan Newman spoke to the press on Friday at Phoenix Raceway, after his crash at the Daytona 500 and was a nothing short of a miracle surviving it. The NASCAR driver is in high spirits as well.

Newman who said, "It's great to be alive." when asked about the severity the racetrack crash and getting out of it in once piece. He also added with the cars condition it is a "miracle."

The race car driver is undergoing treatment for his head injury, he was asked how soon will he return behind the wheel. He did not give a definite timetable. For the meantime, his absence will be taken over by Ross Chastain in the No.6 Ford racer, who is expected to drive his best in the FanShield 500 at the one-mile Phoenix-area track.

Last season, in the first lap of the opening of the Daytona 500, Newman was in front, When Blaney (No.12 Ford) made contact with Newman's No.6. Soon after, the No.6 hit the wall as it turned, then Corey LaJoie's car struck his Ford. The car he was strapped in was on its top and sliding of the racetrack.

Newman just remarked how lucky he is.

When the car Newman drove was on its roof, he was pulled out of the burning wreck. Soon after, he was admitted to the Daytona Beach hospital, needing serious medical attention. Less than 48 hours after the terrible accident, he left the hospital 48 hours after getting admitted.

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Whatever Ryan Newman's injuries might be are not made public, although he was spared internal injuries in the terrible accident.

When interviewed, he told the press that he was fine, but made a quip about how he looked. Despite the awful accident, he told reporters that was spectating and having fun, in a light mood.

Blaney was discomfited as his car initiated the crash at the Daytona track, he related to reporters on Friday, that he did not expect to see Ryan Newman while having dinner. Since the accident at the racetrack, it was his first time to meet Ryan. They sat and talked when he got there. 

Blaney said of their meeting and is quoted,"He is full Ryan Newman calibre, and it is great to see. It was cool to hear some of the process that he went through and some of the doctors that worked on him. They were very extensive with him, and he has been passing everything with flying colors, which is unheard of and great to hear. It was nice to see him and sit down and talk to him a lot about multiple things from how the process of what happened to where we can go in the future to keep improving the safety aspects of these things."

One of the other drivers on Team Penske driver is Joey Logano who reacted gamely as to Ryan Newman's unexpected appearance and called it a "miracle" as well by surviving the No.6 Ford crash on the Daytona 500 speedway recently.

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