Instagram Trends Predictions for 2020

Instagram never stops updating by making continuous changes both to the algorithm and to the design. If these are the preconditions, what will Instagram's trends in 2020? Understanding how Instagram trends will evolve and how they can be exploited to the best of one's strategy allows you to implement best practices to increase engagement. Let's have a look at the Instagram trends predictions for 2020.

Instagram trends Predictions for 2020


1: Moving photos

It is about inserting a movement element into the feed. They are not simple videos, but animations and moving backgrounds, anything that elevates an image from static to dynamic. Applications such as Enlight Pixaloop and Mojo can help you create this type of post.

2: Goodbye editing

By now, people are abandoning editing to create a feed ever closer to everyday reality. "No-editing " is the trend that many are craving for 2020. This means that the filters will not completely disappear, but will be used to make the photos more truthful than unrealistic, making room for more genuine experiences. To give photos a more realistic touch, you start by calibrating temperature, brightness, and contrast while keeping them coherent. Or you can use thinner filters.

For example, many influencers who are testing this new trend use VSCO's A6 to create a minimalist aesthetic. The A6 filter includes beautiful natural tones, subtle color changes, and a slight fade.

3: Complete shopping experience

One of Instagram's future strategies is to create a new shopping experience that takes place on Instagram. That's means; this image dedicated app aims to evolve into an e-commerce portal very similar to Shopify and e-commerce giant Amazon.

At the moment, the purchase experience on Instagram takes place on at least two distinct platforms. In 2020, however, it will be possible to buy on one platform. The intent is to make users spend as much time as possible on Instagram, making it more complete. 

4: Brands will use users' photographic content

More brands are using user photos to create content for the company profile. This strategy is useful for engaging and stimulating customers. The advice is to find a way to make these contents recognizable and consistent with your brand.

5: More emojis and stickers in the photos

The emoji are depopulating; many influencers use them in their photos to give a touch of color and style. Instagram stickers also launched this trend, graphic designs, and elements that are added to an image or video. Bright lines, lightning, and flowers are already proving to be among the trends of 2020.

6: Instagram feed like a website homepage

People are using Instagram to look for their business instead of Google. That's why IG profiles will represent the website homepage. The ultimate goal of the Instagram profile should be to convert new visitors to your loyal followers like that of the website, to convert your visitor into your loyal customers. All you need to pay attention to the design of your news feed.

If you manage to leave a good first impression when the users visit your profile, you will have a good chance of converting them into your followers and probably also into customers.

7: The thin line: Sketch Look

Kim Kardashian gave birth to the new Instagram trend, i.e., the portrait of the subject of the photo. Since this trend, this hand-drawn sketch effect with thin lines has started to populate our feeds. This is a trend that will also last for the next year.

8: The Pantone palette

The color bible, Pantone, has created an app that is having incredible success. The Pantone Studio application allows users to identify the colors in their photos, creating a personalized palette. And what followed was the #PantoneChallenge, photographers, influencers, and content creators advertised the app on Instagram, creating an active community. But this is only the beginning; the trend will successfully take off in 2020!

9: More memes for companies

The goal of the brands for 2020 is to add a little humor to their posts to create viral content. The challenge is to integrate the memes into the design without leaving the visual of your brand.

In order not to deviate very much, just add small elements such as, for example, the colors of the brand that makes the content recognizable for the brand.

10: The rise of the micro-influencer

We will see that passionate micro-influencers will dominate influence marketing in many ways and will far surpass the success of mass influencers. Traditionally, brands have placed great importance on the number of Instagram followers, which you can get from activeig when they want to recruit an influencer since it allows them to reach a wider audience. In fact, as mentioned earlier, users of social networks are looking for human experiences, and much prefer to follow accounts to which they feel attached or touched personally.

In the same line of thought, the opinions and testimonials of customers will be even more present and put forward on the Web, since it is shown that 90% of buyers were more sensitive to user-generated content than to advertising classic.

11: IGTV will be enhanced

IGTV is no longer a novelty. However, it can be seen as the first project of an innovative advertising channel. It has potential but does not compete with the father of video content, YouTube. Although IGTV cannot win a battle against the video giant, Instagram is planning interesting news for the next year.

12: The interactive stories

Instagram launched the format of the stories in August 2016. Initially, they were thought of as an add-on to keep followers on the daily activities of the company, a sort of "behind the scenes." Since then, the platform has evolved to become much more interactive, 500 million daily views of the stories (in 2019) are proof of this. There are also other features, such as stickers (question stickers), the countdown timer, and external links.

So which trend do you follow to grow your account on Instagram? What is your prediction? Let us know in the comment box!