The US Navy said Thursday that a Chinese military warship fired a military-grade laser at US Navy P-8 surveillance aircraft last week while it was flying over the Pacific Ocean, an action that the US Navy called "unsafe and unprofessional."

In another statement, the use of military lasers was hostile to aircrew and sailors that affects ship and aircraft systems.

Lasers that are aggressively pointed at aircraft cockpits could blind pilots while in flight. These non-lethal weapons are dangerous even at a great distance.

American defense officials informed CNN that formal diplomatic protests called Demarche will be issued to the Chinese for their aggressive conduct.

This is only one of the many incidents that come with the so-called "legal claims" that major areas in the South China Sea belong to China allegedly.

The Pentagon said that China is a threat to regional security in the region and a massive threat to peace. Chinese military buildup is an expense at creating armed bases is all about dominance in the region.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper made this statement about China's occupation in the SCS,"Over time, we have watched them seize and militarize islands in the South China Sea, and rapidly modernize their armed forces while seeking to use emerging technologies to alter the landscape of power and reshape the world in their favor ... and often at the expense of others."

Similar diplomatic grievances were issues on several occasions before, this incident with the same use of lasers against military personnel on US aircraft.

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One such incident occurred in 2018 where the US and China have military bases in the East African nation of Djibouti. There had been similar circumstances in which the Chinese intentionally causing harm to the pilots flying a US C-130J plane.

Malicious Chinese activity in Djibouti is done by using a laser to interfere with American aircraft in their base that has injured American flyers as a result. The U.S. reported their diplomatic protest against Beijing, reported by two military officials to CNN.

Concerns raise for the safety of U.S. pilots who were ordered to fly with caution near certain areas in Djibouti. However, lasers pointed with ill intent on American airplanes during the last few weeks.

Intentionally aiming a laser at a C-130, resulted in two eye injuries to the planes' crew when they were assaulted with military-grade lasers which come from the Chinese airbase.

Two U.S. military officials are very concerned that by maliciously targeting pilots is a cause for a major accident.

Lasers that are graded for full-bore military use are also called Dazzlers which projects a laser light that has significant range, meant to disorient pilots in conflict.

Though many of the incidents involving the US forces are not a hostile encounter, it was the Chinese who pointed the lasers intentionally. Such actions might lead to untoward consequences related to safety.

Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White related that diplomatic protests are in progress asks the Chinese to have an enquiry over their conduct.

She added that use of such weapons is dangerous to American airmen. With more incidents like this will frequently happen, some action needs to be taken. If any Chinese warship aimed the laser at US aircraft, this will be dealt with.

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