With the world reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, North Korea is stepping up its COVID-19 counter-measures that are carried out strictly by their authorities.

Some of the measures are seemingly draconian as these means month-long quarantines, all foreign diplomatic corps are inside their residences and compounds, with loudspeaker constantly reminding the locals of health warnings.

The state media will not allow any less, than absolute obeisance to what health officials want. North Korea is now using tighter controls to prevent the virus from crossing over from mainland China. Unprecedented measures are now done by North Korea compared to other countries who have cases by now.

Officials are making it mandatory for new arrivals to the country to take a 30-day isolation period without exceptions, officials are stepping up the search for those with positive infections. Knocking on all doors in a very intensive 'anti-virus' drive to detect viral patients.

Compared to the already locked down mainland China, North Korea is proud that it has no positive infection, thus far. Other countries are on red alert, with more infections, and deaths from COVID-19.

Most foreigners are given strict, tough restrictions, all residents shall be quarantined with no exception, in their premises since February.

All the diplomats in Pyongyang are not able to go about, at their leisure in the city, as tight controls on everyone's whereabouts are stricter than ever. Russia's ambassador in the North Korean capital calls it, "morally crushing."

According to Alexander Matsegora who told Russia's TASS news agency, the Russian embassy has no diplomatic mail anymore, not enough medicine and supplies are in store for their first-aid post.

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Staff can only leave the premises, that is close to the Workers Party heads compound, get the trash to a landfill, then Korean Specialists will disinfect the truck at the gate of the embassy.

City facilities like the Orthodox church, taekwondo gym, skate rink, and are not accessible, like Korean and art classes. It seems mundane for locals, but their daily life is these activities.

All diplomatic activities are on hold, no interactions with North Korean officials or other diplomatic corps are in progress, everything is at a standstill. Important calls or notes dropped in a special mailbox are the ways to communicate or send messages.

Alexander Matsegora related that North Korea is an exception, compared to other countries that can take such draconian measures, and be able to execute it easily.

The coronavirus contagion is now called 'COVID-19', that came from Wuhan in China and spread like wildfire in other countries, which has killed more than 2800 people already. Compared to North Korea, South Korean has seen more cases at 1,100 or more, making the second-worst hit by COVID-19, next to mainland China.

Although the North Korean leadership is adamant that it has no cases of the positive infection, in contrast to other nearby countries to China.

Officials are keen on keeping everyone in line to avoid spreading the disease, with the fear of contagion inside North Korea will be a problem, so complacency is not allowed.

 North Korea is taking excessive measures to stave off a coronavirus infection, that can be deadly once it enters the country.

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