Tooth decay is on the rise, and the culprit is drinking water that these chemicals. Scientists found that toxic chemicals were the cause of tooth decay in most children. In a study, they found out that a substance called perfluorodecanoic acid is in their blood, which caused more tooth decay. This is the same toxin that is connected to heart disease, cancer, and thyroid disease.

Researchers from West Virginia University made a study that included 629 children from 3 to 11 years old. Blood samples were analyzed for PFAS way back in 2013 and 2014. Everything about their oral health was recorded for the study. Conclusions were drawn from this group and analyze the results.

Among the seven PFAS substances examined, it was found to be the causes of tooth decay since perfluorodecanoic acid will prevent teeth to develop enamel. But findings are pointing out that children brushing twice a day, will have fewer incidences of tooth decay.

Scientists reveal that with less PFAS, a child will be less susceptible to cavities. The best way to lessen PFAS in the children's blood is to filter it out, but only some home filters can remove these toxins. Ingesting less drinking water with PFAS will help prevent tooth decay.

Another problem besides having perfluorodecanoic acid, that prevent growing more tooth enamel is the lack of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and cavities. If drinking water as PFAS, it will not have enough fluoride to lessen cavities further. Here are ways that tooth decay can be avoided.

 A. Prevent tooth decay with dental sealants and fluoride products, like toothpaste.

 B. Water fluoridation is the best way to avoid tooth decay, without harmful chemicals.

 C. Reduction of tooth decay better if children 4 to 17 years old get water fluoridation treatment. This reinforces their teeth enamel.

Getting enough fluoride is crucial to avoid tooth decay and better oral health. Consider food and beverages that have fluoride to strengthen teeth, with fluoride fortified products. Use flouride toothpaste that strengthen teeth enamel. Intake fluoride supplements that are available through prescription, especially for children and teens without access to fluoridated water.

Home water filters and drinking water, what to do about it.

 Drinking water is another thing to consider, when common water supplies have perfluorodecanoic acid, that is why tooth decay is common. Lack of enough water products that have no PFAS, and enough fluoride can affect oral health a lot.

 Home water filters are available, but they also add more PFAS in the water as a result. This can be avoided with dutiful replacement of filter regularly, although not all filters are capable removing PFAS too. Although proper brushing and oral health is achievable with brushing teeth. But, reducing exposure to perfluorodecanoic acid, will make a difference even with its ill effect reducing tooth enamel.


Minimizing perfluorodecanoic acid in drinking water, can be done with water filtering, to lessen its bad effect on tooth enamel. Getting enough fluoride to prevent tooth decay, with fluoride supplement will help address its deficiency.