In Istanbu skidded off the runway and broke apart while on the verge of landing. This resulted in the death of three people and 180 injured in the freak accident.

The Turkey plane accident involved the Pegasus Airliner which was carrying 177 passengers, including six crew when the jet crashed at Sabiha Gokcen airport. During landing, the 737 encountered heavy tailwinds and rain, when approaching the runway. Right after, the accident the airport authorities decided to close down and have all flights diverted.

Most of the affected passengers were Turkish nationals, although there were about 22 nationals from 12 countries on the ill-fated flight. A few children were on board when the plane mishap occurred. A statement made by Governor Ali Yerlikaya of Istanbul said that the airline was shifted from the runway because of poor weather conditions and the plane skidded by 50-60 meters from the runway.

When it overshot the runway, it fell 30 to 40 meters at the end, which caused the plane to break, injuring or killing some of the passengers. After clearing the plane, and dealing with the injured, an investigation why it happens has been opened.

Some video footage, revealed the extent of the damage as passengers were scrambling through cracks in the plane. Rescue specialists were going overtime getting people out. Unfortunately, a fire began inside the aircraft which was put out by firemen. A good number of passengers were saved, with few fatalities.

Attempts to question the pilots why it happened was not possible because the Turk and Korean have been hurt in the crash. Before this incident, a Pegasus 737 suffered the same skidding accident in the runway on January 7 but there were no casualties compare to the newer accident. Another incident with the same airline and a 737 at Trabzon airport in January 2018. It went straight to the seaside cliff, but did not result in casualties.

Prosecutors are looking into the mishaps and checking what caused the accidents. It might be that the pilots are guilty of negligence that resulted in death and multiple injuries.

After receiving emergency medical care, the pilots were hustled to the police station according to the TRT. The police got their hands on the black box that had data of the flight for further investigation. Turkish police are keen on learning more details about the accident.

Originating from Turkkey's Izmir, with 183 passengers on board, radar indicated showers and thunderstorms around the airport's vicinity. The injured passengers were two children and three other nationals, but their country of origin is not mentioned yet.

One problem for the Boeing 737 is that their planes are getting into all these accidents. Around the world, two 737s have been involved in fatal crashes. The total number of deaths is 346 people in all.

Officials say the turkey plane accident was unfortunate, but everything that can be done will be. Three passengers are in intensive, others have minor injuries to treat. From the injuries of 14, out of 22 individuals with middle injuries, and 8 are lightly hurt. Records of the flight indicate that it landed at 6:19 p.m. when the accident happened.