Finding out the gender of your baby is one of the best parts of expectant motherhood. If you're carrying twins it's even more exciting...or double the excitement, you might say.

You predicted your baby's gender with the Chinese gender calendar, but now that you're having twins, you're wondering what the best ideas would be for revealing what they are at a party. Never fear, in this blog you can find quite a few ideas for gender reveals for any season when you've been blessed with having twins.

Gender Reveal Burnout


Gender reveal tires are a popular way of revealing gender today. Gender Reveal burnout with twins will help create a moment to savor forever! When you are having twins it can be even more fun. Have the colored smoke come out of the tires when the time comes. It can keep your guests guessing as well until you reveal you're having twins  -  one of each! Seeing these gender reveal tires create a cloud of pink or blue will leave the new parents jumping for joy!

Easter Gender Reveal


Easter babies are just fun, and it's even more fun to reveal that you're having twins and their gender. Use Easter props such as eggs in blue or pink to reveal the surprise. This gender reveal can be done for friends and family that are far away as well, and might not be able to make it to a gender reveal party. Simply do the reveal and take pictures to send or even send them plastic Easter eggs with blue or pink glitter on the inside, so they will be surprised when they open the egg.

Halloween Gender Reveal


You've gotten plenty of festive food for your gender reveal party, but it's being held on Halloween, so you want a reveal that's in the spirit of the season. Try taking pumpkins and carving them into gender signs for the surprise reveal. Of course, since you're having twins you'll need two Jack-O-Lanterns to represent the gender of each bundle of joy. You can also bake spooky cupcakes for each person attending the party. On the outside, they will be Halloween themed, but on the inside, they will have frosting that reveals the gender of the twins to come.

Christmas Gender Reveal

There is nothing like a gender reveal party during the holidays. Everyone is already full of joy, goodwill, and peace, so it will only make them that much happier to find out you're having twins as well as the gender of the little bundles of joy to come.

As a Christmas present, you can bake and wrap cookies to send to everyone you want to let in on your secret. Send the cookies to them in the mail and, when your family and friends open the package they'll find cookies that have been decorated to reveal the baby's gender.

You can also have cards made up with Santa and Mrs.Claus. In front of them can be two boy elves, two girl elves or one of each to represent the gender(s) of your twins. This is a super fun way to make the announcement that everyone in your close circle of family and friends will be sure to enjoy.

Use a Creative Photoshoot


Of course, not every gender reveal is going to be around a holiday, which means you need another gender reveal option. How about a creative photoshoot, including pets, and a picture of your ultrasound for all to see? Take the photo and put the gender in the corners of the photos so there's no doubt as to the genders of your twins.

These are just a few of the top ways to do a successful gender reveal when you're having twins. These reveals are simple, seasonal and fun.