Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the core driving factor for all eCommerce businesses. It is what allows people to find your website when searching for products online. When a user goes to Google and types a product into the search engine, Google searches the internet for pages that properly utilize the keywords in what the user has searched.

For Google to list your website in the top search results, you need to fit the criteria set forth with their search algorithm. The algorithm looks at several factors, including keyword or phrase, frequency of usage, existing traffic to the website, and relevance of the content.

SEO is the tool you use to drive people to your website. The tools of SEO include using keywords and keyword phrases, as well as relevant content. The use and placement of keywords have become important over the years as Google algorithms have developed. Keywords can be used in headers, titles, articles, and metadata.

In the beginning, internet marketers would create mass amounts of content loaded with keywords that provided little to no real information. The constant stream of non-relevant search results led Google to change how their searches worked to give the users a better experience, which simultaneously completely changed how online retailers had to market their content.

The most significant change was that online retailers had to ensure their content was relevant to their readers and potential customers. Needing relevant content meant no longer using article mills and automated content that left readers frustrated. Google forced websites to provide readers with better content, resources, and information.

Understanding how best to utilize SEO for your business is a significant undertaking. While it does not involve a degree program, it is something you are smart enough to figure out over time; you can choose to keep your focus on your core business and outsource your SEO to Link Laboratory. is an online SEO service that provides companies large and small with customized SEO services based on the site's needs. The extent of the services offered may vary based on needs and budget. However, Link Labs has the experience and knowledge to help you skyrocket your online business.

You can use one of many dropshipping retailers to start an eCommerce store with minimal upfront investment.  Dropshipping allows you to open, run, and profit from and online retail store without having to develop, invent, or create or own products or have to invest in product inventory.

The ability to sell without having to invest in inventory provides a relatively low-risk opportunity to invest in yourself. An eCommerce store can be started from home in your free time and grow into a full-time business. You can maintain the safety of keeping a full-time job until your website is bringing in enough revenue that you can quit your job.

There are thousands of eCommerce websites on the internet, and is one of them. T-ROC delivers the power of people AND technology, a distinctive combination of retail expertise, best practices, and technology to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.  Other eCommerce websites are all vying for the attention and loyalty of online shoppers. While there is no shortage of online shoppers to compete over, getting your links and your products in front of the right people can be challenging.

It is essential to understand that the way you get in front of the right customers is through SEO and digital ads, which will also incorporate your SEO keywords and phrases. Your business will either thrive or die as a result of how well you implement the SEO best practices. While you may be hesitant to pay for services as a brand-new business, investing in professional SEO services will be well worth the money spent. Professional SEO services will provide you with the results you are looking for faster than you could have anticipated them.