The email campaign is a cornerstone of both B2B and B2C marketing, and the quality of your email data can make or break a marketing program. This is why verified emails positively impact deliverability rates and lead generation tactics while providing real-time lead source assessment. How? Let us explain ...

Improved Deliverability

Reaching the customer inbox can be deceptively difficult for marketers with databases containing invalid email addresses. Invalid gmail or yahoo email addresses are virtually guaranteed not to reach the inbox while invalid business emails have a slightly better chance if only due to catch-all servers. Catch-all servers help emails with slight misspellings reach their intended recipient, but it's not fool-proof. 

Ensuring your database contains truly verified deliverable email addresses helps reduce the likelihood of high bounce rates and increases the chance your email will engage the right person in the right place at the right time. Though be warned, all good marketers know just because an email didn't bounce doesn't mean it reached the inbox. Some marketing emails go right to the spam folder and go totally unseen. Ensuring the email content is clean in combination with a verified deliverable email address doubles the chance for success!

Better Lead Generation Success

Whether the lead comes from a web form or a networking event business card, valid follow-up emails are critical for success. After all, you can't sell your product or service to a person that doesn't exist, though an invalid email might suggest otherwise. Taking the time to validate the emails that come in through lead generation activities, whether they be events, tradeshows, digital ads, or even your own web forms, the success you will see with your follow-up emails and nurture sequences is more than convincing.

Real-Time Lead Source Assessment

Following the point of valid emails increasing lead generation follow-up success, taking the time to validate your emails from each lead generation source allows you to assess the impact of that source on your business in real time. 

For example, say the next 3 months include a webinar, a tradeshow, and paid digital ads that lead to a landing page with qualified high-value content. By assessing not just the volume but the quality of the leads that result from each lead generation activity, you can gain insights into what is providing the most value for your business and learn where to better spend your marketing dollars next quarter. And remember, quantity isn't always a winner over quality; an event might bring in fewer leads than targeted advertising, but those event leads could be higher value than the advertising leads.

Email Verification Benefits All Marketing Tactics

From deliverability to lead generation activities, verified email addresses ensure you are reaching the right audience at the right place. Without email verification, it's anyone's guess as to what's lurking in your database. Ready to see your marketing campaigns improve ROI and overall performance? Request your free list assessment with us today to see what's real and what's fake in your email database. 

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