Do you feel like there is a massive hole in your purse, and your account is screaming red? In difficult times like this, there is always one question popping to the mind, and that is how can one better his finances? Well, the fact that you've become cash-strapped in the first place shows that you've most likely been bad at money management. However, whatever the reason is, there are always some adjustments to make in order to improve your financial situation. If you feel like your bank balance is beeping red and you've got some holes in your wallet, do well to read through these seven amazing tips below, they will help better your finances.


Going shopping? Always make a list

Habits and lifestyle are the two biggest factors that put holes in our wallet. While it is important to visit stores, shops, and malls to get some essential items, there is no compelling reason for you to buy everything that blinks at you. Long story short, if you want to leave the league of cash-strapped consumers, then you need to cultivate the habit of shopping with a list. Before you head out, check the prices of what you're going to buy and make a list of them. If possible, go with the exact amount you need, and if you are going to use your card, be sure always to remind yourself not to overspend. 

Plan your expenses ahead

You've probably read so much about budget, budget, and budget! And now it seems you are already losing interest in the matter. Well, please refocus on your financial goals when you're becoming strapped for cash. The least you can do to improve your current situation is to sit down and plan ahead. By now you probably have an idea about how much you need to last you for the week, or maybe a month. So, why not sit and evaluate your budget based on that? And any remaining funds can be stowed away in your savings account. 

Use hard cash

Credit cards have undoubtedly made our lives relatively easier in terms of cutting our costs and learning to live within our means. In truth, credit cards are only a symbol of the money we have, and you probably won't feel the same if you see a card that has $2,500 on it as you would if you saw the money in dollar bills. That's because cash isn't abstract. Many people who find themselves strapped for cash get into the situation because of their lack of awareness when it comes to the amount they spend. Furthermore, you will find it relatively harder to give out cash to someone than swiping your credit card.


Declutter your closets

In a world where everything happens online, there is no better time to raise cash than now. Maybe you've had a closet full of unwanted clothes, a garage full of unwanted items, and a house full of dormant stuff. Now is the time to put them on sale. With hundreds of stores and pages online, you can always find a market for your unused and redundant items. Not only will you be organizing your home (by getting rid of these unwanted items), but you will also be raising enough cash to get you out of your cash-strapped situation.

Find financial solutions

Sometimes to get out of a financially difficult situation, one may need to look outside and seek funding. But when you do reach out to people and organizations for money, be sure to do it the right way; after all, you wouldn't want to put yourself into inescapable debt. More often than not, you can try different sources; banks, credit unions, individuals, friends, colleagues, family, or any form of lending institution. If you take the time to look for the right funding source, you may find a lender whose rates will work fine with your target. However, if you don't really have time to go through this process, you can use a website like Open Cash Advance, wherein all you have to do is submit some relevant information, and they will be glad to try to connect you with a lender. And bang, you are no longer cash-strapped!


Even in a financially difficult situation, people still find ways to spend money. Not because they enjoy it, but because of their daily obligations and responsibilities. However, instead of outsourcing your domestic chores (maybe because your work doesn't permit you enough time), contracting your tasks, and hiring people to do one thing or the other in your home, you can actually appreciate the internet for a second. Go and online and learn how to do the complicated stuff yourself; trust me, you will be saving and raising enough cash that way. For the easier tasks, you can still go online to learn ways to perfect them.