Education can no longer do without technologies. Even if we see both negative and positive sides to the influence devices and the Internet have on kids, learning and studying will be ineffective without a technological impact. Thus, our task is to make the most of it while trying to minimize its harmful effect.

Technologies are needed to streamline learning and boost productivity. In early education as well as at college, kids and students use devices to minimize manual work, keep things in order, memorize better and fuel the interest. It is all possible thanks to smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

We bet that technologies are especially needed for college or university students who have so many things to run. Apart from formal education, they are often involved in an extracurricular activity that also requires attention. However, everyone will agree that the most challenging year at college is the first one. You need to adapt to a new lifestyle and meet all-important deadlines. However, this is where you can find technologies useful as well.

In addition to several apps, we are going to mention in this article; any student can get assistance on credible platforms. For instance, if you need expert help with academic writing, feel free to go here and order an assignment or two. Now, let's dive into the top 10 must-have apps and software that will ease any student's first year at college.

Google Drive

Google services help out many people, including students and office employees alike. It allows saving documents, sharing access, standard editing, and proofreading of the papers. Right now, every person needs to have it because this is how education and business work. 

All apps are available on iOS and Android devices, making them all accessible and easy to use. You can make your teamwork even more productive via making amendments in the documents on the fly. Believe us: this help is excellent when you are a freshman.

The Homework App

You could have been successful with your time management at school, but you will definitely find it harder to do at college. However, several apps can help you stay on track with all your assignments and deadlines. You can download The Homework App, fill in your classes, and make sure to update it whenever you've got a new task. You will find it very useful since it helps manage assignments and submissions easily.


Actually, there are too many reader apps which you can choose based on the operating system and user experience features. iBooks is the best app for iOS since it supports many formats and allows for adjusting font, light, and brightness to make your reading comfortable. 

You will indeed need to read a lot during the first year at college, so having a good reader on your phone or tablet is a must.

Flat Tomato

It is a genius app designed to help in managing one's time. Sometimes, you work so hard that forget about making a deserved break. However, they are essential to keep your mind healthy and active. 

Flat Tomato is designed to split the time into some tasks into 25 or 30-minute periods separated with five or 15-minute breaks. You will be surprised at how much you can do in 30 minutes, while a short break will help you rest and recover.


You can find a similar app on Android as well. It will be beneficial for students with technical majors or those interested in natural sciences. You can find lots of formulas in the app that can really help while solving a complicated case. Moreover, you can enter your own formulas so that they never get lost.


This app is great for your laptop or tablet since it is all about notes and teamwork. You can leave notes and reminders for yourself, share them with friends, create to-do lists, and organize the workload. The extended version allows for searching text in PDFs and Office docs or scanning business cards that can also be very useful.

InClass App or Studious

These apps are developed for iOS and Android, respectively, and their features are pretty similar. They manage your phone activity during the study hours, muting signals, or silencing notifications. 

They also allow for saving notes, homework, and other important deadlines. You can fill out your schedule, and the application will work exactly when you are busy studying.

Rate My Professors

This app can hardly be called practically helpful, but it provides you with a better idea about the teaching staff at your uni or college. Students who attended their courses can leave feedback or tell a story about educators. Thus, you will have a better understanding of how picky and demanding they are. 

Sometimes, former students can share some materials that can be useful throughout the course.


Many students leave their homes when they start studying at college. Your freshman year will most likely be challenging since you will no longer have parents to take care of your living conditions and eating routine. 

You will need to manage finances and find ways to cut costs. Mint is an excellent app that can help you stay on track with your expenses. You can count how much money you really need and what can be saved for the future.


When at college, you will definitely go with your friends to have lunch together, buy books, drink coffee or do other stuff. Such activities will often require you to monitor and settle group expenses. SplitWise allows for entering every transaction somebody from the group makes to be able to calculate debts and settle up. 

Final Words

Technologies have changed the world we live in. Although they can actually serve for both good and evil, it is impossible not to use them. The abovementioned list includes only the most popular apps that can help first-year students navigate through their freshman year. 

Many more useful technologies can be helpful with regard to a particular major. You should use the web to monitor trends and never hesitate to try new apps.

Author Bio: Natalie Norman is a professional freelance writer and blogger. She specializes in writing on such topics: students life, writing, social media, tech etc.