Concrete is the world's most used substance. 4,100 million metric tons were produced last year. In the United States, the industry is worth nearly $40 billion, while in the space of just two years, China consumed a staggering 6.6 gigatons of cement. 

Businesses use concrete in the construction of buildings, dams, airports, roads, highways, and more. Meanwhile, homeowners use the material for paths, patios, driveways, backyards, floors, basements, and the like. 

There are many reasons why concrete is so popular. It's easy and cost-effective to procure, adaptable and has low-energy costs. More importantly, concrete is strong. So strong that cutting it requires experts with powerful sawing, coring, and drilling tools. For more challenging jobs, contractors may even need ground-penetrating radar and other complex machinery. 

Whether you have residential or commercial needs, it's advisable to hire an environmentally-conscious concrete removal and demolition expert for your project. Fortunately, you won't have to make any concessions to find one. Many leading companies with years of experience and impressive track records are proud to follow eco-friendly practices. 

Here are a few reasons why you should partner with an eco-friendly concrete cutting contractor:

#1 It's Good for the Air

When concrete is cut, microscopic dust called crystalline silica is released in the air. Exposure to this respirable dust can be hazardous to the health of humans and animals. In the short term, exposure can affect the eyes and lungs. In the long term, it can result in deadly and incurable diseases like silicosis.

Environmentally-conscious contractors use many methods to protect themselves and the environment from crystalline silica. They're trained in prevention and control methods and wear protective gear. They're also trained to clean their equipment at the end of a job. 

Some contractors use a process called wet cutting. This prevents crystalline silica from becoming airborne. Cutting tools are equipped with a wet-cutting port. A portable water tank can also be used. Afterwards, the waste is safely removed. 

Other contractors have industrial vacuums and exhaust ventilation systems that suck up the dust before it spreads. This equipment may have special filters that prevent the dust from escaping after it's collected. After a job is complete, the dust is disposed of safely.   

#2 They Use Newer Tools

Older concrete cutting tools consumed a significant amount of energy. What's more, they released pollutants that were bad for contractors and the environment. A contractor with state-of-the-art equipment is likely to have energy-efficient zero-emissions tools.

#3 It's Good for Your Surroundings

A concrete contractor that doesn't dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner can hurt the ecosystem. Grass, streams, rivers, lakes, and the ocean can get polluted, harming animals and aquatic life. In the unlikely event that it reaches drinking water, the waste can be especially hazardous.

When a concrete cutting tool breaks concrete, it gets hot. It may get damaged unless cooled down by water. This water can mix with dust and create a toxic substance called slurry. Fortunately, environmentally conscious companies recycle slurry on-site by dehydrating it and compressing it into blocks that can be recycled.

These are some of the reasons for you to work with an eco-friendly contractor. By partnering with a company that's also experienced and reputable, you can get the job done and keep your surroundings safe.