Did you know that just breathing fresh air has all sorts of health benefits? It's easy to get caught up in our wellness and think that we need to use new exercise trends and fad diets to feel our best.

Even though we all know how important exercise and fresh air is for our wellbeing, many people these days live a life where they are indoors and sitting behind a desk for the majority of the day.

It's important, though, to spend time outside connecting with nature - even if our busy schedules make it difficult. Being out in nature can make us feel amazing, and in some parts of the world like Japan, people practice what is known as "forest bathing" (shinrin-yoku) in which you simply spend time in nature and give your body the opportunity to connect with the natural world.

The Air in Your House

You can improve the quality of the air that you breathe without having to make routine trips out to the nearest forest, but simply by making improvements to the indoor air quality in your home. One place to start is by consulting a window and door company like Golden Windows to see what window options will allow for the best ventilation and airflow. 

If you're ready to prioritize your health and reduce indoor air pollution, there are many things that you can do to create clean air at home. Start by reducing air contaminants, which you can do by controlling the humidity levels in your home. 

Extra dampness, water leaks, and mold all negatively impact your air quality and they also pose risks to the structural integrity and value of your home. On top of knowing how to spot the signs of water damage, it's important to take preventative measures against mold growth. Check any leaks immediately and install fans and windows in rooms with high humidity.

Get an Air Purifier

It may seem obvious to some, but not everyone is aware of how effective a good air purifier can be for your home. Air purifiers come in many different shapes and sizes, and it's relatively straight forward to find a good choice for your home. Keep in mind how large of a space you need and if you have specific needs like filtering smoke or pet allergens. You can check out these reviews of the best Hepa air purifiers to compare some of the top models on the market and make sure you know you're making the right choice!

Add Some Plant Life

They're natural air purifiers and they can make space look cozy and sophisticated. Plants are a natural and easy way to improve the quality of your indoor air. Indoor plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, cleaning the air in your home while also providing other benefits like improved mood and more restful sleep.

Keep Sheets and Clothes Clean

One of the biggest causes of poor air quality is the presence of dust mites in the home. They can cause serious discomfort for those with and without allergies, and they often leave people feeling tired and sluggish. Because these mites often linger in upholstery and fabrics, you need to regularly clean these soft fabric items like your clothes, sheets, and the covers of your cushions or furniture. 

Adding or Updating Windows for Ventilation

To make long-lasting improvements on your home's air quality, you need to have reliable and secure windows that allow you to ventilate your home. It's highly recommended to have windows in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens because they produce a lot of humidity and benefit from the airflow.

You can open up a room by installing a completely new window or just update your old models with more efficient ones. Outdated windows and doors are difficult to operate and don't allow you to open up your home to the fresh air.