Latest reports confirmed that Beyonce is showing interest in acquiring and becoming part of an ownership group to bid on Houston Rockets which happens to be her hometown also. This report came after the team owner Les Alexander decided to sell the said NBA franchise.

According to a report from USA Today, if this is true and Beyonce will also have ownership of the Houston Rockets, this will bring benefit for the team. Being an international pop icon, the singer can add sizzle to the ownership group since she can also help the team in terms of local and international marketing.

It was just last month when Alexander confirmed and announced that he will be selling and will be ending his tenure as owner of the Houston Rockets already. The said organization started last way back July 1993. As he decided to sell the franchise, he also expressed his great honor and joy to own the team for the past 24 years.

Alexander also added that he came up with the decision after much deliberation with his family and friends and assured that the franchise is in great shape with the management, coaches, and players in place. If Beyonce is indeed showing interest, CEO Tad Brown will be the one to supervise the sales process with the help of the NBA office and the management team.

With this, it was estimated that the Rockets can sell for $2 billion and their offseason transactions contributed a lot for this worth and value. Apart from the said transactions, the trade with the Los Angeles Clippers to get point guard Chris Paul and a long term contract extension for MVP candidate James Harden also were the factors why team reached that value.

It is no doubt that Beyonce is one of the most prominent celebrities in the world; however, her net worth falls short to be able to buy the Houston Rockets all by herself. It was projected that her overall assets are at $450 million while one source claimed to be at $350 million.

Beyonce was born and was also raised in Houston and this might be one factor why she is interested in buying a part of the franchise. The pop icon rose to fame after she parted ways with Destiny's Child where she experienced a huge success.