Latest reports suggested that Android applications on smartphones can now automatically identify a device near it. This was because Google just made the second generation of its Nearby Connections toolkit available to the developers of Android.

With this latest report, for sure, users who have these Android applications on their smartphones will be pleased. If they ever wished that their apps will automatically do their "bring the moment" when they get near a device, then they are lucky through the help of Google's Nearby Connections toolkit.

According to Engadget, this updated framework developed by Google makes use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to identify and find nearby devices. After locating some close devices, the user can already connect to them and performs tasks without the need of an internet connection.

Aside from those perks, when the user has this feature of Google in his smartphone, he could just adjust the temperature of his hotel room the moment he walks in. It was also suggested that one can just merge the contacts every time they're close to their friends or loved ones.

The said second generations of Nearby Connections toolkit from Google can support both mesh networks. This means that this feature has the ability to do this task on devices which form an independent network on the spot and a centralized connection in which one device dominates. This kind of performance is most applicable in meetings or classrooms where one device will rule. To illustrate, this feature can be best used in trivia games.

However, it will take some time for a new Nearby Connections to make its way into the Android application the user makes use of. But some companies already started using this like the Weather Channel which installed mesh networks in places with poor internet connection. This is to help them send weather warnings too.

Moreover, Hotstar is also offering offline media sharing while GameInsight will provide the users to play while offline. Further, Google also has its own by developing an Android TV remote application with the Nearby Connections. If this will be patronized by more developers, this feature will become one of Android's significant assets.