Ben Affleck was just spotted buying some SkinnyGirl margaritas with his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus in Maine just last weekend. However, this raised some eyebrows since it can be recalled that the actor reportedly completed a rehab last May due to alcohol addiction.

Apart from the margaritas, Perez Hilton reported that the rumored couple also bought two bottles of rose as well as the branded beverage of the stars of the Real Housewives show. It was the staff in the store who documented the visit of Ben Affleck and his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus on social media.

The reason why the clerk from the liquor store posted this on social media was not that she saw Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus but the fact that the father of three just underwent a rehab in May and now, buying some alcohol again. But later on her post, the staff claimed that it was not Ben who would relapse with the margaritas but Lindsay since she was also seen as the one paying.

Prior to the official announcement of the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, some sources were saying that the actor underwent in a rehab due to his alcohol addiction. It was further added that it was Jennifer who was with him during the course of the rehab and that there were no hints that the former couple would soon split.

Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction was even seen as one of the reasons why he separated from his wife Jennifer Garner. Not until the issue on Lindsay Shookus transpired in every report and that the rumored couple even started their affair when Jen and Ben are still very much together.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that Lindsay Shookus already broke her silence regarding her relationship and affair with Ben Affleck. The actor and the producer of Saturday Night Live were already spotted in different places lately and there are no more reasons that the two would want to hide their relationship if there is.

Meanwhile, reports were rife that Jennifer Garner even confronted Lindsay Shookus about her affair with Ben Affleck last 2013. But it was added that Lindsay had no plans of quitting the said affair. However, sources close to the rumored couple said that the two only started dating when they were already separated with their respective spouses.