Samsung just issued statements last week that its Galaxy Note 8 has actually an enlarged size. With the latest report, new information and details have been released which can confirm that the company will be launching a new massive smartphone.

With this report, it was claimed that Ghostek, case maker has every detail of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before its intended release. Now, Ghostek has all the exclusive information about the said device which would really boast Note 8 in detail on all aspects.

It was claimed by Forbes that Samsung prepared for the biggest changes the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to create. Developed from contacts inside the supply chain of the company, the device will have the first premium dual rear camera on any smartphones released by the company.

Apart from that significant feature, it was reported that the Galaxy Note 8 will also feature a USB Type-C charging which is also new to Samsung smartphones. It will also keep the same headphone jack, the exact number of bezels and its Infinity Display which was confirmed is a massive 6.3 inches.

Despite the significant and outstanding features mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reportedly has its most disappointing external feature. It was claimed that the fingerprint sensor of the said device stays on the back which appears to be a very unfriendly position. But this is slightly less ridiculous than that on the S8 and S8 Plus.

Even there are some doubts as to the reliability of the provider of these details, it looks like even Samsung also appears to be determined to keep leaking details about its Galaxy Note 8 before its launching. Just this week, one executive of the company leaked that the device will come with more advanced and richer multimedia functionalities. But this report was made before Samsung has yet to confirm that this smartphone really exists.

After leaking some of the features of the said Galaxy Note 8, it was reported that Samsung already gave some invites for its official launching. The said invite featured the reported silhouette of the device which showed off how massive the smartphone is.