Latest reports confirmed that Microsoft ha jut initiated a big reorganization in its workforce and because of this, thousands of its employees are expected to leave the company. It can be recalled that lately, the company just announced the confirmation of the reported layoffs which have been circulating online the previous week.

Last July 6, Microsoft said that the company will inform the employees who will be laid off and according to one source, there will be several who will be leaving the company. It was even reported that the company will shed up to 3, 000 employees.

However, despite this issue, Fortune claimed that those whose jobs will be shed up might have the chance to be reassigned to other positions or works still in Microsoft. However, the company opted not to give specific details as to which groups will have the cut.

It was last Jul 6 when it was reported that Microsoft will undergo a big reorganization and the reason was pointed to the sales organization. Therefore, the employees who are expected to leave their jobs would come from the marketing, field sales, and other related teams.

With the above-mentioned reason, it was claimed that the purpose of the cuts was not to perform any act of cost-cutting. Instead, Microsoft is gearing to enhance its sales positions in a more strategic way. this is also in line with the company's goal to push its digital transformation concept.

Just last year, Microsoft announced that almost 50, 000 of its employees were engaged in marketing, service jobs, and sales. It is then expected that those who will be laid off will come from the 50,000 in those departments and teams.

In fact, this reported layoff is not the biggest one the Microsoft has had. It can be recalled that last 2014, the officials of the company also announced that it will eliminate 18,000 jobs and workers throughout the year. Out from these 18,000, 12, 500 came from Nokia Devices and Services acquisition and these employees were notified just over a six-month period.

The said company's workforce reorganization has something to do with refurbishing Microsoft's consumer and commercial sales organization all because of its goal towards digital transformation. Just this January, the company already announced its first wave of organization changes.