Starbuck is reportedly being sued by a café in New York City over one of its products. Reports were escalating that the popular American coffee company allegedly copied the idea of "Unicorn Frappuccino" which one café claimed had it first.

With the latest reports, a café IN New York City decided to sue Starbucks over claims that the coffee chain imitated one of its products. But just lately, Starbucks responded to these claims and to the case that was filed against the company.

According to Perez Hilton, The End, café in New York City filed a lawsuit against Starbucks telling that it was them which started the Unicorn Frappuccino four months before Starbucks started to offer it. With this, the café was claiming that they have the right to the name of the product rather than Starbucks.

Because of this, The End also requested Starbucks to stop offering and selling Unicorn Latte since they claim the rights to it. However, Starbucks fired back saying that The End is not the only company which has the Unicorn drink. The well-loved coffee chain added that this product was even inspired by many drinks even made in homes and bears the unicorn name.

Teen Vogue claimed that this Unicorn drink or Unicorn Latte features a multi-colored coffee drink. And with the latest claims, The End informed everyone that they started producing this product way back December 2016. Then additional reports were suggesting that The End filed to own rights to the name only last January.

Since these two coffee shop businesses were contesting over the claims of the rights for the name of the Unicorn Latte, still their products have differences. The one which The End offers is made of cold pressed lemon juice, steamed coconut milk, and blue-green algae which are referred to as the E3 Live.

With this ongoing trouble between the two companies, The End is asking Starbucks to issue a public apology aside from the payment that all started with the Unicorn Frappuccino. It is certain that customers' choice and opinions will be affected by this current issue.