It looks like the creation of Trump Tower in Manila has been clouded with controversy after it was reported that the executives of the Trump's company do not want U.S. President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump to be included in the promotional materials. It's a known rule and law that the president should not be any more connected to his business after he assumed the position.

Reports were rife that even before he decided to run for the presidency, Donald Trump shared that his company will be developing a skyscraper in the Philippines. He even mentioned that this structure will bear his name and this project will be very, very special.

After that, Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump said that this project will be a milestone in the history of the Philippine real estate. With this, Washington Post reported telling that this skyscraper to be built in the Philippines is something which a person has never seen before.

But since Donald Trump was already elected president and is already in his fourth month of tenure, some were claiming that his relationship with his business dealing can have a great effect on his foreign policy. Because of this, the executives of the Trump's company were ordering the international business associates to remove in as much as possible promotional materials that include the president and his daughter.

This report even became more controversial after U.S President Donald Trump invited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to White House. According to CNBC, Trump was criticized for this since Duterte's war on drugs angered most of the human rights groups. But White House said that the impending meeting has something to do with the crisis in North Korea.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump left the management of his business to his two sons since his daughter, Ivanka Trump is also his senior adviser. Though he still has stakes in the said business and company, he can just pull it out anytime if he wants to.

It is better for Donald Trump to treat and deal with U.S. foreign policy in a way which could not touch his business. But since he already gave an assurance before, then people need not worry.